Dancing Cow Shirt

As always, click thumbnail to see larger image. Thoughts?




One-color (metallic gold) and therefore cheaper:




I’m thinking maybe vegetarians would like these.

5 comments to Dancing Cow Shirt

  • Of the t-shirt designs presented thus far, my general comment is that I love the vibrant colors of the full-color versions and I’d be willing to pay a premium for full-color. I particularly like the Sita and Laxmi shirts, plus the peacock phonograph. Of the two animal shirts, I prefer the monkeys on instruments to the dancing cows, though I’d be unlikely to buy either one.

    Great stuff, Nina!

  • Manish

    It’s cute! Not a huge cow fan though.

  • I like full color best but the gold on black is nice too.

  • John Farrell

    The cows were not a highlight of the movie for me :-).

  • susana

    can you put the three cows in curve line, like the movie???? or one cow with one old women????

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