“Lexi” shirts

UPDATE: “Lexi” jump cycle (requested by Mike C):



Pick your favorite “Lexi” T-shirt design, I’m only gonna produce one.


(chosen design will be available in both men’s and women’s shirt styles, images below to show design on black and on white)

lexi_shirt0001.jpg lexi_shirt0003.jpg





12 thoughts on ““Lexi” shirts”

  1. What about a plush Lexi toy to jump up and down on my family to wake them up?

  2. Lexi walking and/or Lexi lying down in pile of cuteness… okay, with maybe just a slight preference for the latter.

  3. i like it. i doubt it’ll sell as much as the major sita characters, but i like the jumping sequence. very cool.

  4. Greetings from Urbana,

    The Lexi lying down pose is my favorite. Lexi is alert and listening! What would she have to “say” in response to whatever has caught her attention?



  5. 1st single walking Lexi design and last series of Lexi. Lying one down is cute……but character personified is more explicit in #2 and #5

  6. I think when I first ordered Lexi he was in yellow. I out and out hate yellow. Can I order another one, XL, in black?

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