More (C)ensorship

Amazon erased purchased e-books from consumers’ Kindles. Wait’ll you find out what books. This is an inevitable consequence of Digital Restrictions Mongering.

Meanwhile, US courts banned a book using ©ensorship law!

©ensorship men's tshirt

Now’s as good a time as any to plug‘s ©ensorship T-shirts. They’re actually quite inexpensive, and wearing them does a huge public service as you educate people around you.

“Wearing them really works, by the way. I wore one on a train recently and wound up having a great conversation about copyright with two people, one of them a musician coming back from a gig, after they asked me about the front.” –Karl Fogel


One thought on “More (C)ensorship”

  1. Thanks for the blog your feelings on copyright law has been on my mind for many a year… after 50 years of attempting to put to good use copyright law to benefit me… the artist… I have decided it does only the opposite… thanks for your efforts here and hope I join you in your revolution…


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