16 thoughts on “What is the opposite of “property”?”

  1. There isn’t any that I’ve ever heard of. Feel free to invent a word for it, but unless people need it frequently to express the idea of “unproperty” don’t expect it to catch on; both law and popular expression seem more interested in who owns something, not who doesn’t.

  2. Property is a myth created by the ego. All the universe is one creation, existing as a free and perfect whole. A brain doesn’t own its hands any more than anything owns anything else. Therefore the opposite of zero is still zero.

  3. Arrrrgh (slaps forehead) … she’s joking with us, people!

    You know, the opposite of “congress” is “progress”? Ha ha?

  4. Culture is the opposite of property, which Webster once defined as That which is proper to anything; a characteristic quality of a thing.
    The thing of it is that Culture is activity, like cultivation, like work. It isn’t a dead or inanimate thing, a noun or a comodity. Culture is people doing what nobody can own.
    Culture is im-property, impropriety and value that someone will always attempt to appropriate as his own.

  5. herbal tea.

    (As in the old joke – why do anarchists only drink herbal tea?
    Because proper tea is theft.)

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