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A documentarian working on a short film about Free Culture wanted some images of the awards Sita Sings the Blues has received. So I gathered up most of what I have here (they’re not all in my apartment) and put them on a table for the camera man. I was so proud I took a photo of them myself, which I now am shamelessly posting to my blog. I am blushing even as I do this, but not enough to stop me. Thank you, generous givers of awards!

6 comments to Shamelessness

  • VR

    Hmmm. They don’t hand these out just for being beautiful, you know. You EARNED them!

  • Way cool. Where’s the cowbell from?

  • Is that Roger Ebert’s golden thumb? Awesome.

    Is anyone pushing Sita for an Oscar nomination? Am I dreaming to think that they’d even consider it?

  • South Dakota! SoDak Animation Festival “Golden Cowbell.” It works, too. Mooooo.

  • CR Greeley

    Congrat’s Nina!

    I came across SSTB on the Archive a few weeks back and finally got around to downloading and burning a DVD (for personal viewing of course.) Fantastic work and a worthy cause rolled into one! I’ll tell all my friends.

    I was also pleasantly surprised to see your name again–the first time (and last) was during a brief sojourn in Santa Cruz back in 1989-90, when Nina’s Adventures in Santa Cruz was in the local freebie paper. I really enjoyed your work then and now there’s more to roll around in. :)

    Much luck and continued success.

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