Sita NYC Theatrical Run Dec. 25-31, IFC Center

That’s all I know so far – a multiple-shows-a-day run of Sita Sings the Blues at New York’s IFC Film Center, starting Dec. 25 (aka “Chrismas) and closing Dec. 31 (aka “New Year’s Eve”). More info like exact screening times and how to buy tickets coming soon. Mark your calendars! Tell your friends! Help us promote it! I love you!



Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

6 thoughts on “Sita NYC Theatrical Run Dec. 25-31, IFC Center”

  1. We love ya back!

    We need another Chicago run at the Siskel Film Center!

    (BTW, my girls are gonna love the Sita t-shirts I ordered!)

    Best wishes for the holidays!

  2. Just finished watching Sita for the second time and it wasn’t until afterward that I realized it was released under a CC license.

    Wow. I was already dazzled by the movie (yup, I think dazzled is the world) but now even more impressed by your stance on copyright.

    When my PayPal account fills back up I’ll be sending some cash. I know you don’t prefer PayPal but I have no credit card to use google checkout.

    Congrats on the film run but I don’t really understand that billing. One thing I do know is that your film is oh, about a billion times better and more fun than Otto.

    Good luck!

  3. Tonight I got to see Sita on the (semi)big screen at Portland’s ratty, funky Clinton Street Theater. I fell in love, all over again, with easily one of the greatest films of all time. Thank you, thank you.

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