“The Revolution Will Be Animated”

An excellent new 16-minute documentary by Marine Lormant Sebag about Free Culture, Sita Sings the Blues, and me. Please watch it – it’s good and it explains a lot!

The Revolution Will Be Animated from Marine Lormant Sebag on Vimeo.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

7 thoughts on ““The Revolution Will Be Animated””

  1. I agree it’s a shame that so much material is locked away thanks to ridiculous copyright laws. Arrg!

    The concept of making one’s work free to copy reminds me of my time in Second Life. When you created something there, you could sell it for money or, if you wanted, make it free (and free to copy). Most people put stuff for sale- but it was the free stuff that multiplied and, in many cases, brought attention to the creator.

  2. This film turns a spotlight on organized crime in a way that reveals Annette Neutrality anew, so I dropped a link to this page in a tweet to draw an iota of additional attention this way.

  3. This is great! The world needs more copy left content.

    Open source software goes one step further, it provides raw source from which the final product was created, and it can be copied, modified etc by anyone anywhere.

    Best of luck with Sita…it’s awesome!

  4. Awesome video! So many people just haven’t thought about what copyright isn’t doing for them as an artist. Can’t wait to check out your beautiful film soon. (p.s- the Ramayana actually got me through a lot as well.)

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