Sita water bottles?

Originally I was going to get something much cheaper, but I was just too enamored with this stupid expensive blank bottle. Now I have to decide: Which design? “Sita Namaste” or “Peacock Phonograph”?


These suckers, should I  order them, are stainless steel, BPA-free, and laser engraved. They’ll cost me about $10.50 a pop ($8.29 + $1.20 for the engraving + $50 set up charge, not including shipping), meaning they’ll sell for about $20. Crazy I know, but apparently that’s what people pay for these things.

I’m going for the 18 oz. size because it seems more convenient to stash in a bag and carry around New York on foot than the bigger bottles. My merch philosophy is I only make merch I’d actually want and use, and the smaller bottle fits that bill.

I do bicycle in the warmer months, so I might make a “Sita” silkscreenable design for a 25-oz steel bike bottle too.


15 comments to Sita water bottles?

  • Matt

    As a consumer:
    I want to buy the Peacock Phonograph.
    I don’t want to buy Sita Namaste.

    Don’t know why (however it sounds like a fun question).

    As for price, $20 is acceptable provided it includes “Free Shipping.”

  • Shen

    I’d rather have something that depicts Sita or another character. The phonograph is great, but I love Sita’s quirkiness. And, I confess, I like to wear/use things that raise eyebrows.

  • Definitely Peacock. 20+ shipping is fine for me, after all, it’s ART! Both the designs seem as complex as the Hanuman, though.

  • Lindalee Stahlman Volmert

    I like both. If I had to chose, it would be the phonograph. Maybe if it sells, you could add the other one later.

  • Taylor

    I also would go for the Peacock Phonograph. More subtle than Sita Namaste. This would be a good size to carry around. I like it!

  • David Gehrig

    How about the strutting moon? It’s already essentially a silhouette.

  • They’re both lovely. I can’t say I would definitely buy one though, as I’ve already got a bunch of water bottles. Maybe when the next one bites the dust, though. Or if I bought one as a present, I’d probably go for the peacock phonograph.

  • marilyn

    the peacock phonograph! perfect size too.

  • Well, I’m going to dissent utterly and choose something that wasn’t on the menu. I like Lakshmi!

    But if I were to buy one of the two options actually offered, I’d go for the peacock phonograph.

  • sitanaut

    No hook? No clip? No handle? I’m not sure I’d want to carry it around without a bag or purse…

    (PS Sita is the hero so she gets to be on the merch)

  • Jeff Weiner

    Sita Namaste, definitely!

  • A.C.

    Love them both, but I would probably go for the Sita Namaste design. I just think that with the character, instead of some symbol of the film, I feel like I’d more likely get into a conversation of “Hey, what’s that from?” and then I could tell that person about Sita Sings the Blues.

  • [Please pretend that I am gushing over _Sita Sings the Blues_ in an impressive array of polysyllables that include my awe for your work, profound insights, and more knowledge of artistic techniques than I will ever have.]

    Peacock for me. More than one. I have been thinking about buying a water bottle for work, but I teach high school and students don’t understand the ironies of the representation of women that are part of [my understanding of] your movie.

  • svp

    Love the peacock! But also want a clip or hook.

  • Tess

    Sita the hero and yes, raise eyebrows and conversation!

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