Sita water bottles?

Originally I was going to get something much cheaper, but I was just too enamored with this stupid expensive blank bottle. Now I have to decide: Which design? “Sita Namaste” or “Peacock Phonograph”?


These suckers, should I  order them, are stainless steel, BPA-free, and laser engraved. They’ll cost me about $10.50 a pop ($8.29 + $1.20 for the engraving + $50 set up charge, not including shipping), meaning they’ll sell for about $20. Crazy I know, but apparently that’s what people pay for these things.

I’m going for the 18 oz. size because it seems more convenient to stash in a bag and carry around New York on foot than the bigger bottles. My merch philosophy is I only make merch I’d actually want and use, and the smaller bottle fits that bill.

I do bicycle in the warmer months, so I might make a “Sita” silkscreenable design for a 25-oz steel bike bottle too.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

15 thoughts on “Sita water bottles?”

  1. As a consumer:
    I want to buy the Peacock Phonograph.
    I don’t want to buy Sita Namaste.

    Don’t know why (however it sounds like a fun question).

    As for price, $20 is acceptable provided it includes “Free Shipping.”

  2. I’d rather have something that depicts Sita or another character. The phonograph is great, but I love Sita’s quirkiness. And, I confess, I like to wear/use things that raise eyebrows.

  3. Definitely Peacock. 20+ shipping is fine for me, after all, it’s ART! Both the designs seem as complex as the Hanuman, though.

  4. I like both. If I had to chose, it would be the phonograph. Maybe if it sells, you could add the other one later.

  5. I also would go for the Peacock Phonograph. More subtle than Sita Namaste. This would be a good size to carry around. I like it!

  6. They’re both lovely. I can’t say I would definitely buy one though, as I’ve already got a bunch of water bottles. Maybe when the next one bites the dust, though. Or if I bought one as a present, I’d probably go for the peacock phonograph.

  7. Well, I’m going to dissent utterly and choose something that wasn’t on the menu. I like Lakshmi!

    But if I were to buy one of the two options actually offered, I’d go for the peacock phonograph.

  8. No hook? No clip? No handle? I’m not sure I’d want to carry it around without a bag or purse…

    (PS Sita is the hero so she gets to be on the merch)

  9. Love them both, but I would probably go for the Sita Namaste design. I just think that with the character, instead of some symbol of the film, I feel like I’d more likely get into a conversation of “Hey, what’s that from?” and then I could tell that person about Sita Sings the Blues.

  10. [Please pretend that I am gushing over _Sita Sings the Blues_ in an impressive array of polysyllables that include my awe for your work, profound insights, and more knowledge of artistic techniques than I will ever have.]

    Peacock for me. More than one. I have been thinking about buying a water bottle for work, but I teach high school and students don’t understand the ironies of the representation of women that are part of [my understanding of] your movie.

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