8 thoughts on “Sita #1 rated film on Rotten Tomatoes”

  1. Congrats!

    It was the highlight of my film year when it showed at the SF Animation Film Festival.

  2. I find it interesting (and not a little bit odd) that RT now lists ‘Sita’ as a “2010” film. IIRC it was previously listed as a 2008 movie, which seems somewhat more accurate. Then again it is now listing a “limited theatrical release” starting on April 14th, so maybe that has affected it?

  3. “#1 rated film on Rotten Tomatoes” pairs nicely with “America’s best loved unknown cartoonist”
    (hoping I didn’t inadvertently swipe this from a Facebook comment)

  4. Unless one of their reviewers gets a bug up his butt and posts a thumbs down, Sita could stay perched up there for quite some time.

  5. Just saw Sita – everything I love in one place; animation styles, old blues, Indian dance music and wit. Congratulations on the Number One top slot! Thank you for the wondrous experience of your movie.

  6. Thank you! It is a thing of real beauty and originality. I’m broke at present, but will donate/buy when able. Meanwhile, it’s being recommended to all my friends. Cheers! (Pun intended :p!) Shir-El

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