My Official Fight Song

I’ve been digging through my old original comics archives, selecting artwork for upcoming exhibits at the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum and the Betty Boop Festival in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. This old gem, while not one of my best, has extra sentimental value. “George the Monster,” who featured in early Nina’s Adventures strips, is my longtime friend Ian Akin. Remarkably, we’ve stayed friends almost 22 years. In fact Ian is visiting me in New York right now! I’d forgotten all about this song he wrote for me when I was fighting some battle or other in my 20’s. Upon rediscovering it, I found it’s just as cheering as I fight some battle or other in my 40’s.

Although the comic says ©, it’s now copyLeft like all my old comics. CC-BY-SA.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

3 thoughts on “My Official Fight Song”

  1. =v= Hmm, why is “Rappin_clean” part of the filename? Is there a not-so-clean version, straight up gangsta, parental advisory, explicit lyrics?

    I sure hope the word “ass” wasn’t involved. That would be scandalous.

  2. “Clean” means I cleaned up the scan, adjusted brightness and contrast, and dropped out the drop-out blue grid. The initial scan has the same name with “raw” instead of “clean.” Sorry that’s not the juicy answer you wanted.

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