Sita Sings the Blues – Uncut Narrator Interview

I’ve wanted to share this uncut interview file for a long time now. The main reason I’ve held back is I wanted Aseem, Bhavana and Manish to listen to the whole thing and be comfortable with having it out in the world. As far as I know, none of them did listen to the whole thing. Still, Manish was worried that it might attract more negative attention from batshit fundamentalists. So, I held on to it…. Now Manish is gone and all we have left are our memories (mine is extremely fallible), and recordings like this one. At his memorial yesterday Chris Dillon played an excerpt, and said it was like having a new conversation with Manish. The batshit fundamentalists are batshit no matter what; whether we speak or are silent, they will hate. I don’t want fear of them to deprive anyone of a conversation with Manish. Plus, as you can hear, Manish was quite a respectful and thoughtful Hindu – moreso than the few clips in SSTB may have revealed. So here you go, World:

Sita Sings the Blues – uncut narrator interview

Grief Memory


Author: Nina Paley

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2 thoughts on “Sita Sings the Blues – Uncut Narrator Interview”

  1. Here’s an Ancient Memory returning to say “Boo!” to you. Uh… have I said it? Just in case I haven’t… BOO!

    Oh yes… I remember now… delicious brainlobes… how to be vegetarian?

    Tsunami of Love,
    Your Old Pal

  2. i am so shocked to know that Manishji passed away!!! condolences to his family and friends … thank you Nina for sharing the uncut narrative … will post my response once i hear it .

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