Troll Sena

With the tagline, “Offended Hindus uprising against Anti-Hindus!” Troll Sena is the World’s best (and possibly only) Hindu Nationalist parody site. Covering such outrages as Ban Valmiki Filth!, Raavan Ballsphemy!, Shame of Khajuraho!, and Cowardly Cow Outrage!, they’re barely distinguishable from the real thing. Or maybe they are the real thing. Who cares?



Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

5 thoughts on “Troll Sena”

  1. OY! Another reason to stay abed and pull the covers over the head!
    Save us from avengers, from holy wars and such turmoil. I personally wish to disappear into the Dharma, take refuge in the Sangha and, listen to the silence with the Buddha. See you there.

  2. umm… WTF

    that has to be some of biggest BS i’ve ever read… it just has to be a troll… nobody can be that stupid… can they?

  3. Dear Nina,
    Sorry for the “”out of topic”, but I just wanted to leave a message of congratulations ans support for your work. I discovered your art and philosophy just 2 months ago with a screening of Sita Sings The Blues by a french “nomad company” ( ) that spreads the “free” culture, and I absolutely loved the film.
    Everything in Sita is fresh, and as a graphic artist myself, I have to say I am amazed by the amount of visual work you’ve completed…
    So, now, often, I tell people about your work, like for example with my blog :
    Thanks for this beautiful art and spirit, and thanks for supporting free art !!
    Ludovic (France)

  4. Thanks for recommending this great site, something like a hindu version of Landover Baptist Church.

    @Apuleius Platonicus
    “…difficult…to tell whether it is for real or not.”
    Have you ever heard of Poe’s Law?

    “nobody can be that stupid… can they?”
    You obviously don’t know

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