The Blue Carpet

Through this cinéma vérité documentary, you too can experience what it’s like to be a nobody on the red (actually blue) carpet, navigate ridiculous security theater, shake the hands of countless strangers, smile nervously, and above all, lose.

Featuring Nina Paley, Alistair Milne, Steven Beer, and dozens of celebrities and/or nobodies whose names I forget and whose permission I don’t have, so sue me. Camera: Nina Paley, with Steven Beer. Edited by Nina Paley in 2011.


3 comments to The Blue Carpet

  • Alex

    Hehe… I love the ending… you in a position of this person trapped in a cage of this event and world outside is so near but guarded by this fella at the gate. 😀 Brilliant!

  • Win Bent

    Agreed 100% – Many, many times I’ve wanted an image which is clearly in the Public Domain (is 300 years enough to clear the copyright?), but all the images are protected or small or otherwise icky. C’mon, people – join the Information Age!

  • I was expecting a royal blue (an appropriate substitute for red) carpet …

    Was there rain?

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