Behemoth Finalists

Now with bodies! No matter what I did, the Muse kept guiding me toward symmetry, especially adding the body. Yes it has 5 legs, like a Shedu. Yes it looks like a sheep. A powerful, gigantic, terrifying monster sheep. I still haven’t decided whether it will have 3 faces or 5.

2 legs bad, 4 legs good, 5 legs BEHEMOTH!
3 heads good, 5 heads better? Or vice-versa?

Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

16 thoughts on “Behemoth Finalists”

  1. Five feet, five heads. Hands down. Monsters are supposed to be terrifying, not a mild curiosity (as with three heads.)

    Without the two other heads, it may as well be a flounder.

  2. 5 does seem more terrifying but I like the look of 3 better, so I guess I’ll vote for 3?

    Too bad about the asymmetry.

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