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  1. The ending is a fairly unimaginative vision of degrowth. Renewable energy can absolutely provide us with a more modern standard of living, and certainly keep long-distance communication networks running so that innovation can continue at a similar pace. There’s no reason we have to go back to horse-drawn carriages.

    Predictably, it also completely ignores thorium-based nuclear power, which is still unsustainable but can at least buy us another few decades.

  2. Well animated and produced. I got bored 15min in, skipped to the end, and saw only Thanks and no citations. A commenter said it was”meticulously organized and footnoted”, but maybe I skipped the footnotes. I hope that as it becomes popular, there’ll be prominently available citations. Advertisements for Clean Coal don’t cite or support statements, so I don’t believe them.

  3. Chris Martenson’s Crash course is similar. I think chris is also a part of the post-carbon institute, and I wouldn’t be surprised if much of this video was inspired by the crash course. It’s longer, more in detail, and focuses more on how the government enforces growth through policies of secular inflation. If you liked this, the crash course goes more into detail about the economics in particular.

  4. I feel Human should limit their own growth which has many hindrances like cultural / economical in todays time when we can see the end at Horizons countries give incentives for Birth rates , densely populated countries never implemented contraceptives … and so one Rice not let their expensive lifestyle to go away and economical growth can be generated only by enabling poorer to go energy expensive … WE CAN NOT STOP .

    It looks you are an american will you ready to get away your lavish lifestyle for the benefit of poor , I dont think most of the Developed world is ready for it .

    swapnil Joshi

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