Designs for Seder-Masochism continue with the “furniture of the Tabernacle.” Since I want to show the Hebrews out in the desert fighting with Yahweh and each other, I had to make all this anally-specific Tabernacle decor. For all the important details the Old Testament seems to have left out, it is packed with rigidly precise instructions for building, decorating, and furnishing a Tabernacle. Leaving us today with Tabernacle Nerds who make Tabernacle drawings, Tabernacle plans, model Tabernacles, and critiques of other Tabernacle Nerds who iz doing it wrong.

And I just know some Tabernacle Nerd will tell me my Tabernacle is wrong, and back it up with scripture. It’s like Trekkies who cite Star Trek verse and number, except the genre isn’t labelled science fiction.

All this stuff has to do is evoke a sense of Tabernacle, a certain Tabernaculosity if you will.

I haven’t even started the tent walls yet, because finding the color instructions will require me to re-read some of the dullest passages ever written (unless you’re an interior designer).


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

5 thoughts on “Tabernaculous”

  1. Pretty cool.

    “Old Testament is packed with rigidly precise instructions for decorating”, I know! I was reading through it, and there’s endless interior design.

  2. I’m not even remotely a scholar of the Torah/Old Testament, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are issues with translating color terms. Color terms from one culture don’t always translate well into color terms of another culture as the terms don’t span matching segments of color space. If there’ s a term that spans our green and blue, how do we know what color is indicated? It could be the color of lapis lazuli or the color of a pine needle, but the word doesn’t itself indicate which.

    Of course, if there is a problem of this nature, you could use it as cover for running riot with colors.

  3. Saw your short ‘This Land Is Mine’ and as a college animator x 30 yrs I was very impressed. Characters would make a great board game! Your work is the shadow side to Michener’s “The Source’

  4. You works are Infographics, in addition to other great purposes. That`s mesmerizing as a thinking art and as other arts.

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