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  1. “His eyes poked her in the back.” In swedish language we don’t use the word for eye here. We have the word “blick”. It’s a very oldtime idéa of an invisible spiritual organ in the head, that vi stretch out and touch the world we want to investigate. The same idéa is said to have been present in old time Egypt and Greece.

    You can feel if a “blick” poke! It maybe is described as a silver cord in the Bibel: “Or ever the silver cord be loosed …” (Ecc. 12:6). In Sweden Ecc. 12:6 sometimes is used in lokal newspapers death notices. Google translate swedish “Hans blick brast vid döden” to “His gaze snapped at death”.

    But Farao had two animals in his head. One was responsible för logic observations and thinking (mind or soul). One responsible for love, conscience and other foolish things (spirit). God has two seraphs (= glowing snakes), and man is an image, “after our likeness”.

    Maybe I can use Your nice pictures? I like them.

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