This Quilt Is Mine

My This Land Is Mine fabric (see this post) finally arrived from Spoonflower. I quilted it and hung it on the wall.

I ordered one version with a white background, and one with a dark background.

Spoonflower does a great job printing colors, but the darks get muddy. The navy/grey background was indistinguishable from the black details. Sewing outlines in white thread helped, but I still prefer the white background.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

12 thoughts on “This Quilt Is Mine”

  1. Wonderful. The lighter one looks pretty good in my opinion even though I thought that the darker one would be better.

    Nice quality too. I think the design wouldn’t make a bad poster but the quilting gives it an extra frieze-like quality.

  2. Wonderful quilts! I adore them both and find the colors exciting and beautiful. Nicely done all ’round. Agree that the quilting makes for a stand-out panel!

  3. lol, that’s awesome. The new film will have kickass products.

    The white stitching blends with the white backdrop, but also de-ninjafies the Hamas-style fighter. White looks like a tapestry, black looks modern. They both look great.

    The quilt alone could generate the kinds of discussions that the finished film may.

  4. Actually, I like the black background. The colors look vibrant…jewel like.
    What a nice article yesterday. Do you need any extra copies?

  5. Сколько вложено труда! Поразительно!

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