R.I.P. Bruno Schwartz, 2000(?) – March 1 2013

my beloved cat
Bruno circa 2007

I knew it had to happen some day. Bruno stopped eating a little over a week ago and when his decline went into suffering (his purr box broke near the end, it was heartbreaking) we were lucky enough to get an angelic female vet and assistant (Bruno likes women and is afraid of men) to perform the kindest, gentlest euthanasia at Β at home. I have the flu so I was in bed with him his last several days; there’s nothing he would have wanted more, I think. I still have the flu, and a broken heart, but I’m very grateful for the 10 years of love this wonderful cat gave me.


Author: Nina Paley

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11 thoughts on “R.I.P. Bruno Schwartz, 2000(?) – March 1 2013”

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry! My heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing this remembrance of a good life and a gentle passing.

  2. It’s great to have known our pets, and made their short lives much longer and good.

  3. Everywhere I visit these days, death of a loved one is the issue. My sincere condolence for your loss. I’ve loved and lost many myself, and so I understand. The heart is a forgiving organ, and love remains within. May the flu soon leave you. Spring is only a few weeks away.

  4. I liked Bruno too. I am very sorry for your loss.
    This reminds me of my beloved cat Aaron. In his pained last few days, he refused food and spent as much time as possible lying on me and purring. He was almost 18.

  5. So sorry for your loss. I’m glad you were able to be with him till the end, and hopefully you gave him many happy years.

  6. Sorry for your loss. My Bruno, an elderly but healthy chihuahua, took ill nearly a year ago. I still mourn for him. I put him down before he hurt too much, but he was alert and happy in my arms, chowing down on a tube of liversausage.

  7. My sincerest sympathies to you. I miss departed pets greatly, and cling to my aging pets with great affection. They leave such a hole in the heart.

  8. Oh, how sorry I am for your loss. Know that Bruno did nothing less than love you (as the video nosily shows) and that he’s one of the Best Cats Ever.

  9. Loving condolences to you from me and my two kitteh boyz (one of whom could be Lola’s brother).

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