Drivin’ That Train

A friend of mine told me she’s dating a guy who works in trains, and among other things can actually drive a train. Naturally I wanted to show her the Casey Jones comic I made for Grateful Dead Comix in 1991, but I couldn’t find it anywhere online. I couldn’t even find it on my own hard drives – apparently I’d never even scanned it. Probably because everyone who worked on Grateful Dead Comix did it as work-for-hire. Well I don’t play that no more, so here for your (and my friend’s) edification and enjoyment are all 8 pages of Casey Jones. The Dead will have to censor this themselves, since I’m not doing it for them.








For super high resolution scans, so high you can see all the little print dots, visit archive.org.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

12 thoughts on “Drivin’ That Train”

  1. ≖ My fanboy dream is for to colors on this to be done by the same colorist who did the Truckin’ comic.

  2. A blast from the past! Thanks for the treat, Nina. I remember seeing this one back in Chicago in the ’90s. The deadheads who lived behind us in Old Town must’ve had a copy. We shared a courtyard, comics, and many a good time!

  3. This would make a great animated music video.
    Love the classic underground comic look and feel.

  4. I really like the animation, it has an old-school feel to it. Very nice story told within it too.

  5. We ADORE Seder Masochism big time and are always telling folks about it. I noticed it’s free online. Cool. You’ve got some good no bullshit art attitude there. Respect. I just saw page 1 of this Dead song comic shared on a Crumb appreciation Facebook page, with a couple Crumb freaks geeking out about how it doesn’t look like Crumb. I chimed in with how it’s more like the sixties Texas artist Gilbert Shelton (a personal hero…especially the old stuff like his Hog of Steel) with his comic strip about the farmer who took LSD and set his chickens free. I digress thinking you too may be a Shelton fan now that I’ve seen this. Anyway I decided to try to identify the source of the drawing in contention amongst those Crumbheads and here we be! Having no prior exposure to you other than the aforementioned flick it goes without saying I just got my little geezer mind blown! My relationship to the art thing goes back to doing sixties rock posters in my hometown of Santa Rosa Ca. for $15 apiece. Yeah I’m one of them.

    About your film. I’ve got a fellow musician and friend two doors up the street who’s a recently converted Orthodox Jew, and as I’m sure you know there’s nobody more earnest than a convert! He pretty much won’t watch movies as part of his schtick and I keep bugging him and wife (who seems to be blossoming and letting her hair down literally after several years in hairpieces) to watch the film. I tell them it’s Jewish and a must-see and that they’ll be OK. 🕎

    So that’s it…just wanna thank you for being you. 🙂

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