Death cycle


I’m currently working on the “Death of the Firstborn Egyptians” chapter of Seder-Masochism. The little move above happens only once in the film, but I wanted to see it over and over, hence the gif.



6 comments to Death cycle

  • Thank you for posting these bits, I enjoy seeing your creativity more and more. It’s nice to be able to study each small move, too, it allows me to really see what you’ve done, that might be overwhelmed in the final product.

  • Drekfletch

    the still frame made me think of stereograms. and I thought, I wonder if stereogram gifs are possible.

  • Gary Olsen

    I love it. Do Egyptians have the equivalent of the Mandela? Many cultures do, and of course that is my association with the background.

    Drekfletch — It is certainly possible to do side-by-side 3D formats. Anything fancier would become display-dependent.

  • Jamie

    Not sure why, but I can’t help think of Aku from Samurai Jack when I watch this gif.

  • Yuval

    seems like the main figure in the story is death? isnt there a “nicer” protagonist to the story. like in the Sita movie?

  • Reminds me of how I tend to listen to loops of bits of music I record right after I finish them, outside of larger context.

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