Passover Satyr


When I told a (gentile) friend I was making a movie about the Seder, she thought I said “satyr.” The idea cracked me up, but I didn’t illustrate it because who needs more associations of Jews with horns and cloven hooves? Until now. Here is the Passover Satyr.

I was worried this was in questionable taste. Too soon? But after posting this illustration on Facebook, so many people asked for a T-shirt that I set one up for pre-orders here.

teespring1You have until November 3 to order one.



Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

6 thoughts on “Passover Satyr”

  1. They are available as a second printing if they get 12 more orders. If you missed the deadline, this is your chance to get a great shirt. I love your work, Nina.

  2. Mine came in the mail yesterday. Good screenprinting on a very nice stock shirt (I got the premium Bella women’s v-neck). I will be using TeeSpring again!

  3. I would so love one (orvtwo) of these. We’re having friends over for Beltane Saturday evening and I will be in a satyr costume. Thus we too will have a Passover Satyr. (Ok, it’s after sundown so not technically Pesach, but it’s still funny).

  4. “Why is this night different from all other nights?”

    “Well, there’s a beast from Greek myth here…”

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