Sheep and Goats

For your insomniac counting pleasure:


Was Moses a shepherd or a goatherd? I now have both sheep and goats for Seder-Masochism. The sheep design I made a few years ago; the goat I made this week. I much prefer it to this goat design from 2012 (which was just rehashed from Agni’s mount in Sita Sings the Blues):


There’s also this embroidermation goat I designed for the all-embroidermated Chad Gadya section of Seder-Masochism, still to be photographed:

That’s 3 goats I’ve designed so far, for one movie. I’m only going to use the most recent 2.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

4 thoughts on “Sheep and Goats”

  1. the counting sheep and goats are very complementary it will help give whatever you do a flow. as for the embroidermation i want one!!!!

  2. I am LOVING the embroidermation goat; not the least because I have a real live goat that looks just like that. I often compare her to a gazelle because she’s so tall and gangly and stripy.

    Except she doesn’t have horns. 🙂

  3. Woah woah woah! Is that goat, like, a bunch of different embroidered goats you made by hand? How did you manage that or make it? That’s so impressive! I don’t think I’ve ever seen animation done with anything other than 3D figures (stop motion), computer generated characters, or drawings. I’m super impressed, and the animation’s beautiful, too!

    The ox with the bouncing sheep and goat doesn’t stop making me smile. After looking at it for a bit, I notice the sheep’s ear pops up rather suddenly at the peak of its jump. That’s how you want it to be, right?

    Thanks for sharing your animations. Your dedication is admirable.

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