Reddit IAmA today, 2-4pm EST

DeathKillCycleAMAProof? Here’s your proof.

Head on over here between 2 and 4pm EST today, Friday February 27.

UPDATE: Reddit is not allowing me to post. On my own IAMA. Granted, this IAMA was set up by someone else, who said he had duly submitted my handle (Nina_Paley, created a week ago) to the mods. But it didn’t work. I was on the calendar, but I can’t respond to questions. I am not happy about this but mods aren’t responding, so I give up. You can AMA on Twitter instead.

UPDATE 2: after half an hour the problem was corrected, and I went back and answered questions.




Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

One thought on “Reddit IAmA today, 2-4pm EST”

  1. Sorry for your tech challenges. Reading “Ask Me Anything” and seeing the Angel o’ Death reminded me of Magic 8 Balls. Here’s hoping some energetic entrepreneur will create the Nina Paley Angel o’ Death Magic 8 Ball. Seems like it would be pretty straightforward to come up with the Magic 8 Ball’s responses. (“You will die”; “Yes, you will die”; “No, you will die”; “The time has come”; “I am here for you”; etc.)

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