Crossing the Red Sea


Gettin’ pumped┬áto conquer the Promised Land!

Every country that exists originated through violent conquest. The victims of these conquests were victors and conquerors earlier. Is violent conquest legitimate? If not, then no country or nation is legitimate. If nations are legitimate, then violent conquest must be also. I ask these questions as I animate the mythical Ancient Hebrews’ quest to conquer Canaan (which was already occupied). There’s just no way to make it look good by modern humanitarian values, and I wonder why that is.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

One thought on “Crossing the Red Sea”

  1. “If not, then no country or nation is legitimate.” John Lennon said that we should all just be people on the earth, without borders or flags. Actually, quite a few people said that, he was perhaps the most famous one.

    You are right: Every nation (as far as I have read and seen) has been born through one people driving out another. And that is part of the equation: once you drive someone else out of the good land that they were just chillin’ out in, you have to justify it; make it a big deal; create a flag and draw up some borders. Otherwise, you could have just shared the good land together, or been like, ‘can we share this good land with you?’

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