Exodus 19-40: Tabernaculous!

Music: The Things We Do For Love by 10cc (1976)

The Tabernacle is built, Aharon ordained, Joshua and Eleazar introduced, and an enduring religious hierarchy established.

This concludes the songs I’m animating in Flash for Seder-Masochism. The rest of the movie will be in different styles, possibly using different software. Experimentation awaits!

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Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

6 thoughts on “Exodus 19-40: Tabernaculous!”

  1. You know, I loved it until it got to the end. The last 16 seconds just ruined it for me! How awful! Why?????

  2. Understood, all of it. Each frame. One thing to consider, G_d and religion are rarely in the same ballpark. Your representation of religion is spot on, praying your heart has been touched by the Living G_d.

  3. What is up with the last part? Are you comparing the Israeli airforce to the KKK and 9/11?

    I’m not sure if that’s what you meant, but it looks that way. In that case, you would be sorely mistaken. The Israeli military has been one of the most effective on the planet in terms of minimizing civilian casualties.

    In Gaza, Hamas launched rockets at Israeli civilians, while hiding behind human shields. They launched near hospitals, schools, UN offices. They urged civilians not to evacuate to bring up the death toll. Israel used leaflets, text messages, roof-knocking (more recently adopted by us in the campaign against ISIS) to evacuate civilians.

    The end result? 50% of deaths were militants, a much better casualty ratio than we have against ISIS, despite Hamas’ extensive use of human shields.

    How in the world is this similar to al-Qaeda or the KKK, both of whom deliberately targeted civilians?

    I love the way you studied and interpreted the Torah, but I am disappointed someone with your talent seems to subscribe to such an ignorant view of international politics.

  4. I remember at the end questioning the idea that you could ever compare the modern day Jews worst to that of the other religions, but after recent events, I hate to say that you were so right. Whilst over time I did begin to question Israel’s actions, I can’t and don’t really want to imagine the idea that I’ve been ignorant of so much for so long.

    It doesn’t matter to me if Hamas attacked first, it doesn’t matter if it provides some strategic advantage, it doesn’t matter what excuse anyone can come up with, to commit genocide on hundreds of innocent civilians is not something you could justify to me. It doesn’t make Israel worse, Hamas has it’s own share of blood on it’s hands, but it means I can’t sit here and pretend they’re any better.

    As far as I’m aware, my country will support Israel, I don’t want to support either side, but I don’t think I get a choice.

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