Ye Olde Bouncygif

I am blessed with a terrible memory, which allows me to get fresh enjoyment from my own work after enough time passes. So it was especially fun to come across a Facebook post in an unfamiliar language with a gif of my animation from 2004:


By some miracle, the original .fla files were on one of my main disk drives, so I reformatted one for today’s preferred 16:9 aspect ratio, and voila:


Maybe I’ll find some way to use it in a new project, and render it as 4K video. It was originally part of a short I was going to do about depression, because in 2004 I was very depressed. Instead I made Sita Sings the Blues,¬†which was probably ¬†more therapeutic. But I sure like this walk cycle.

The original 640 x 480 gif is here, uploaded by some anonymous archivist.


4 comments to Ye Olde Bouncygif

  • Telzey Amberdon

    I immediately thought of this:

    Perfect audio accompaniment for that awesome gif!

  • Sandhya Chari

    Hi, just thought to let you know that the “unfamiliar language” is written in the Georgian script!

  • Paul Curtin

    …and is indeed in Georgian!

  • Nishant

    Love your work.
    By any chance do you have separate videos of the songs of sita sings the blues? I couldn’t find separately, but shorter clips will also help you get to a bigger audience. If you do have them, then you could upload on Google or email me links pleaee,?
    Thanks. Keep up the good work.

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