I really like the spontaneity, freshness, and non-computery-ness of drawing tiny on paper. Lately I’ve been drawing little flipbooks, but even this “Ganesha Marimba” looks suspiciously like a conventional pencil test, in spite of being only a couple inches wide and drawn in ballpoint pen. So I upped my game and drew even smaller:

Tiny walk photo

This is easier than drawing flipbooks because I can see everything at the same time, rather than only the one drawing previous. And it’s tiny! So full of lovely mistakes and life.

tiny walk_1

Next I plan to draw even tinier!



Technically not a Hundred Dollar Drawing.

Sacred Cow 1_sm

From the Hundred Dollar Drawing page: “As always, if you have a special request, don’t want to follow the restrictions, want a regular commercial contract, etc., you must contact me and offer way more money, because $100 is crazy cheap. I’m not saying I’ll do it, but if I do, it will definitely cost more.”

Les asked for “an 800-pound sacred cow in a living room with a few people ignoring it.”

Above: version 1. Below: version 2.

Sacred Cow 2_sm