God-Mother from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

Here it is, the intro/prologue to Seder-Masochism. Uploaded at 1080p instead of 4K because I’m sure I’ll fuss with it still.

It is by far the slowest-paced thing I’ve ever animated. Be patient. Best at full screen.

Animated in Moho Pro.


Denkou_01-03_15 - Frame 1192_1920










Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

4 thoughts on “God-Mother”

  1. This is superb! I can easily imagine the whole arc of the film following this intro. I love how understated the end of the scene is. It doesn’t need any bold motions or change of dynamics or anything to get the point across.

    It makes me think about how I can consider history and get absorbed in “what ifs” and outrage over things… or I can just look at history and think, “yeah, that’s the history” and try to deal with it.

  2. This is brilliant, Nina!

    I’ve been quietly following your gifs while you were working on the cycles, being tempted to praise you many times.
    Excellent slow-pacing with captivating smooth arcs and dreamy feel.

    I often have to work with rushed voice overs and to stage action for little pre-recorded musical numbers and constantly face the problem how to explain to the people who do these that to establish mood, to set the scene and generally for character acting, more time is needed.

    Have I ever thought I’d hear Bulgarian music here? No.
    Even though I left the country so many years ago, it always is unmistakeable – the vocalisations, the unusual beats, the harmonies.
    I remember the hype in the 70s when Carl Sagan chose Дельо хайдутин (Delyo Haydutin) to put on the Voyager golden record. To this day when I hear it, it gives me goosebumps.
    Same happened with this song that you chose. Hit me hard. More so, it was totally unexpected.

    Will be watching this video again and again. Powerful with the same kind of impact as Neolithic art.

  3. If I said I watched this without crying a whole bunch, it would be a lie, a terrible lie.

  4. Hi Nina, I Love your art. I think that you have a great talent and a beautiful mind. I’m a great fan of you and I hope see more of your work. See you soon!

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