Queen of Heaven

I’m going through some old Flash files on my old computer, in hopes of rebuilding some things in Moho. Here’s a gif of my old Queen of Heaven. I had to halve the frame rate and condense the action to get it under my WordPress blog’s 2MB limit. You can see more of Her inĀ The Golden Calf (Return of the Goddess).

Goddess_Queen of Heaven2_3


2 comments to Queen of Heaven

  • Do you still use flash / animate to produce animations?

  • I use Macromedia Flash, from before Adobe bought it. It only runs on an old OS that only runs on old hardware, so I keep an old Mac desktop for it. I do not use any Adobe versions, and I do not forgive Adobe for what they did to Flash. I’ve only been using Moho for the last year, but I might find a reason to fire up the old system and make something new in ye olde Flash.

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