10 thoughts on “Goddesses of the Bodacious Ta-Tas”

  1. Hi Nina,

    these dancing goddesses are so cute – they made me aware of your gorgeous work. I so enjoyed watching some of it and probably will pass some more time with your creations today.

    According to Wiki the one in the middle is a molded terra cotta figurine discovered at Susa dating to sometime between 1300 BCE and 1100 BCE probably depicting Ishtar herself or a related goddess; scroll down to the bottom:

    By the way, I had found your blog while looking for goddess statues images which I could use to create custom objects for an old computer game. In case I use a dancing goddess of yours I will link to your blog in case it is not “commercial” (I don’t think so, is it?) – need to check that for German law.

    Lots of love from Germany

  2. I’ve collected images of Fat Goddesses for decades & I am thrilled that my sister thoughtfully sent me the link to your hillarious animation of them!! Thank you, thank you for doing this!! So fun to see them celebrating.
    I also will admit to feeling a smidge of smugness, recognizing/being able to name all but 2 or 3 of them, including where your image of them may have come from too.
    Please do keep up with playing with these beauties. Fat Goddesses have been honored as Supreme for at least 30,000 years — and you are helping to continue the joy.
    Btw. Any chance you might post a list of who’s who? I plan to go searching for the ones I don’t already know or have, however such a who & where (you found image) would make it easier for those just starting out on discovering that Goddess sized women haven’t always been disparaged as we are now.
    Regardless of alla that — you’ve created/posted the BEST THING ON the ‘NET!
    Thank you.

  3. To copy these gifs, try right-clicking, and select “copy link location” from the drop-down list. Then, find the place you want to insert it, on FB, for instance, and “paste” that link. THAT gives you an image and an arrow. If you click the arrow, you get the moving gif. PLEASE credit Nina Paley and Emily Hesse.

  4. Regarding credit: Emily Hesse posted the video on fecebook, made of these gifs, that went viral. However she did not make either these gifs or the video. So please DON’T credit her for these. But she is an artist in her own right and you can check out her work here: https://www.emilyhesse.com/works/

  5. Nina, these are amazing! Are you on GIPHY? If you’re not, you should totally create a channel and upload these and apply to be a verified artist so these could be searchable/shareable on iMessage, FB Messenger, Twitter, etc.

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