Is There A Doctor In The House?

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I NEED HELP. I have an orange-sized fibroid in my cervix, among other problems. The local hospital system is dysfunctional and corrupt – doctors don’t communicate with each other, or with patients (it is, however, one of the most PROFITABLE systems in the country! Isn’t that nice). My so-called “primary care physician” hasn’t seen me in 3 years, though not for lack of trying on my part. I visited the emergency room in great pain last year and since then have gotten bumped from specialist to specialist, and then dropped – it took 4 months to get a referral from the useless rheumatologist for the gynecologist, because someone somewhere dropped the ball and didn’t feel like it was important. Surgery that was supposed to happen this month or next, now won’t even start to be scheduled until July. Maybe. Every time Carle says they’ll do something by a certain time, they don’t – like I said, they took 4 months for a simple referral (and I had to get on their case to do anything about it at all). So even if I absolutely knew surgery was what I needed, there is an enormous trust problem at this point. Do I want these corrupt clowns cutting me?

A doctor in my family recommended someone at Loyola Medical Center who looked promising. So I called, and while they accept Medicaid, they don’t accept Medicaid managed by Meridian, which is what I have. So I called Illinois Medicaid and asked if I could switch to Molina, and they said no, I’m locked in until April of next year. So I called Meridian, who put me on hold for half an hour and then gave me numbers of nearby medical establishments which aren’t Carle. One of them was a disconnected number, the other, Kirby Med Center in Monticello, has no gynecologists at all. I called an affiliated gynecologist in Peoria, but his office is booked until at least July – and that would just be for an initial appointment.

What I REALLY want is a doctor that actually pays attention and can help me figure out what I should do. I won’t get that through my local med system. I probably won’t get that anywhere. But here’s my last-ditch effort before I resign myself to a life of pain and permanent celibacy (I can’t have sex without getting violently ill; celibacy is how I’ve been managing at all):

Are there any gynecologists among my fans? Any? I will travel to your state. I just want someone who will actually pay attention to my case. I am desperate.

Update 5-18: Due to help found through my cry of despair here & on fecebook, I have an appointment Monday with a gynecologist at SIU Med Center in Springfield IL. I was advised that teaching hospitals are eager for patients like me, and so far that seems to be the case. I called this morning, they were very helpful, and called back within 4 hours with said expedited consult appointment.

Then all I had to do was get my records released from Carle. Carle doesn’t accept emails for this (“they take too long,” they said on the phone). You have to visit their new vortex-of-evil administrative hell-plex on Staley road at Curtis, on the outside of town. Fortunately, SpecialManFriend(tm) was kind enough to take me there. I filled out the form, talked to the clerk, and came back after lunch. “Here are your records!” they said, handing me a big envelope. I almost walked off with it, but then decided to read through them first. Good thing, too – they’d neglected the most important, recent, and pertinent records of my MRI and ultrasound. They also neglected to include images, which I specifically requested. I politely asked for these things and they said, “oh, sorry, we’ll print those out now,” and “oh, ok, we’ll burn you a disc.” I’d be disgusted but I’m feeling too hopeful about getting a new doctor in a completely new, totally non-Carle system.


Author: Nina Paley

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5 thoughts on “Is There A Doctor In The House?”

  1. If you can get financial help from family or friends in order to pay cash although he may accept some insurance, I suggest you consult Dr. Anthony Aurigemma, an MD Homeopath who saved my life decades ago. He is based in Silver Springs Maryland and travels to NYC to practice 2 days a week which is wear I consulted him and was cured of a vicious case of shingles in the nineties. I know you are in extreme discomfort (hell) and that you may simply be searching for a surgeon you can trust quick…but a consultation might help you make wise decisions before surgery. I knew several women who shrank their fibroids. Here is Dr. Aurigemmas site: _ I would also like to say that our Medical system across the USA is at best a broken instrument thanks to the current and past administrations. But, it is possible to find the right way for yourself. I wish you speedy resolution. feel free to email me directly if you wish,

  2. Hi, Nina. I know this is not what you asked for, but perhaps it would be worthwhile contacting Dr. Jen Gunter,
    She certainly knows her field well, and is only too familiar with the problems of medcare and insurance in the US. She might be able to give you a good recommendation.

  3. Hi Nina, I checked with a friend who is familiar with women’s reproductive health services here in Memphis, and she said there is probably not a resource here for you in 901 that accepts Meridian, BUT she researched that Planned Parenthood in IL does accept Meridian Medicaid and possibly there would be a provider that may have privileges at an IL hospital where you could have the surgery. Or maybe they could refer you to a better network. Hope this might help, and take care,

    Frank C

  4. Dear Nina, I wish all the best for you! I hope you will get well soon! You are doing such a good and brave work, and I think you are a genius!
    And I am shocked at the state of medical health care in the US! Here in germany things are getting worse, too, but what you are describing is just terrible!
    (And this again is a result of patriarchal capitalism…a system of hierarchy…cure for the rich…suffering for the poor…)
    Best wishes

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