12 thoughts on “Seder-Masochism now Free online!”

  1. Finished watched the movie with my family. Nina, you are amazing! All this work, and all by yourself!
    I remember you lamenting about not having a coherent story anymore. Whatever changes you’ve made since that time, the final version is wonderful. I especially loved the transitions and the interview asides.

  2. Worth the wait. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I think the animation you did for the burning bush was particularly brilliant.

    Are you worried that your fair use is going to be challenged for the songs? Do you think someone will try to sue you or send a DMCA takedown to archive.org?

  3. There’s a problem with derivative encodings: all ogv files are downscaled to 533×300 and all mp4 (except for _720p.mp4) are to 640×360. You can check that in sedermasochism_files.xml. They’re kind of useless right now.

    Also all those _720p.mp4 and mp3 files seems redundant.

    Will this be uploaded to torrents?

    Anyway, thanks for putting it online. I really appreciate it.

  4. I have been looking forward to this! And you posted it in all of its 4K glory. Thanks!

    From what Etam said, I was looking through the files, and it seems that the only truly 4K version is the Quicktime’.mov’ file, which is a whopping 192GB (!). That’s almost too big for my punny hard drive … I hope a more compressed, but still 4K version will be posted. I’m expectant 🙂

  5. I have a ‘signed copy’ of Sita Sings proudly displayed on my bookshelf. I think I paid 100 bucks for it (even though I almost never use it). I think mine is copy 800 something.

    I’m not wealthy (in fact, my income is well under $30k), but I would be very interested in purchasing a similar CD of your new work. Any chance?

  6. Hi Nina. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this film ever since the This Land Is Mine clip. Thrilled! Will make time for it this weekend.

    But like commenter Etam above I’m really confused by the different files on the Archive page. I mean this page: https://archive.org/download/sedermasochism

    How can Seder-Masochism final 05-18_2K.mp4 (I assume 2K is another name for 1080P?) be 462.0M in size and Seder-Masochism-final-05-18_4K.mp4 (4K resolution?) a bit smaller at 461.8M size?

    And what does Seder-Masochism final 05-18_2K_720p.mp4 mean? First made 1080p and then converted down to 720p ?

    Then there are .mov files that are between 50Gb and 190 Gb in size!

    Sorry if I’m misunderstanding something. But could you please just point out which is the highest image quality version of these files?

  7. Thank you so much for your work, Nina. You are an incredible human being! You are spreading the infinite in more ways than one

  8. Haven’t gotten around to see the film yet so I’m checking back in about the different files on the Archive page. See my comment jan 30 above and earlier comments by Etam and Victor.

    It would really help if Nina posts a clarification on this.

    The main question I seek an answer to: if we want to download the highest quality version of the film for offline viewing, which download should we use?

    You’ve worked hard and long on this film so I want to watch the best image quality version available.

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