One thought on “4-Pointed Star”

  1. Hi Nina!

    I’m a fellow animator and a long-time fan of yours, and I’m getting in touch with a quick proposal… Something positive for the animation community while under lockdown..?

    There’s been so much disruption to our work, leading to so much downtime, which could lead to so much more… creative collaboration projects??
    Allow me to introduce, where we get creators together to produce short animated films collaboratively, from isolation across the world!

    Writers pass film ideas (of any genre) around, script, tweak and repeat until one week later there is a short film script. This then gets voiced and soundtracked by audio pros and finally designed and produced by several teams of self-isolating designers and animators. THEN, around one week later we recombine efforts, send the draft version around the group, feedback and tweak until we have a polished, publically-released short film! Boom. 2-3 weeks from start to finish! It’ll likely be pretty disjointed, experimental, and a bit patchy to begin with, but we can relish that right?

    Collaborators will build networks, experiment with new styles, keep sharp, keep busy and build showreel material! And the public will be graced with nice interesting little concept pieces – some funny, some thoughtful, some probably a bit odd!

    I was hoping to talk to you about it – I wouldn’t want to take much of your time, but maybe just a sprig of your influence!?

    All the best anyway, and I hope you and your loved ones are keeping well,


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