Hey TERFs and Trannies! That’s my signature greeting on Heterodorx, the new podcast I’m doing with Corinna Cohn. Our first episode was recorded Friday evening, after I’d biked 30 miles and hiked two, so I wasn’t at my most articulate. We had some technical issues, including my cat, Lola, rubbing her head against my mic, causing loud horrible noises we couldn’t remove due to recording everything on a single track. Our next episode should be better. Still, I like this first foray, and hope you listen.

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Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

6 thoughts on “Heterodorx”

  1. I am persuaded that you two rock! Seriously. You resonate with me, another “bitter Gen Xer”, and graduate from Purdue Cal! Corinna, Allies!!! Keep those rants coming! I wish I’d known y’all when I lived and went to school in Da region. I’d do ya! Both of ya! And then buy you breakfast at a local Greek restaurant!
    Seriously. I really appreciate your perspectives. Appreciate that you, Corinna, inhabit yourself and don’t need Nina or any other person to tell you who you are. I hope to be able to support you on and on…

  2. Thank you, you two! Your conversations with each other and with guests have been invaluable to me!! I’m a Mom struggling to maintain a relationship with my (natal female) daughter who is currently embracing an ideology that totally take advantage of her current need to try to control how everyone else perceives her, rather than just learning to accept and love her unique self. But to her, right now, I’m just a despicable transphobe. I’m terrified of the material changes she’ll soon be making to her heretofore healthy body. I’ve shared with her your recent talk with Alice Dreger, in the hopes she’ll accept it as a peace offering, and maybe be willing to listen to the wisdom you three offer, as well as appreciate the humanity in each of your perspectives. Thank you for helping me deal with my own painful situation, without being tempted to become a radical militant (as so many parents watching their children be hurt by cultish ideologies can become) and avoid knee-jerk “hating on” artificial categories of other human beings. This I believe: We’re all human; and even those individuals who act maliciously are still usually incentivised to do what they do by their own pain – pain, with which it is possible – even for those victimized by them – to empathize.

  3. Hey, Nina and Corinna! I have been listening to an interview with an author of a book I intend to read (after I finish working through my teetering pile of Stock, Joyce, Hooven, etc.); but as I listen to this interview, I find myself intensely curious about how you two would react to some of the ideas, particularly towards the end, when they talk about theories of patriarchy and matriarchy being applied to evidence put forth by archeologists and anthropologists. Anyway, this book would probably provide a great deal of wonderful material for your conversations . . . The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity (David Wengrow), Michael Shermer Show (Skeptics) – https://youtu.be/GSo1XfGRoqM

    Virtual hugs! Heather

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