Hey TERFs and Trannies! That’s my signature greeting on Heterodorx, the new podcast I’m doing with Corinna Cohn. Our first episode was recorded Friday evening, after I’d biked 30 miles and hiked two, so I wasn’t at my most articulate. We had some technical issues, including my cat, Lola, rubbing her head against my mic, causing loud horrible noises we couldn’t remove due to recording everything on a single track. Our next episode should be better. Still, I like this first foray, and hope you listen.

Heterodorx podcast

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Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

3 thoughts on “Heterodorx”

  1. I am persuaded that you two rock! Seriously. You resonate with me, another “bitter Gen Xer”, and graduate from Purdue Cal! Corinna, Allies!!! Keep those rants coming! I wish I’d known y’all when I lived and went to school in Da region. I’d do ya! Both of ya! And then buy you breakfast at a local Greek restaurant!
    Seriously. I really appreciate your perspectives. Appreciate that you, Corinna, inhabit yourself and don’t need Nina or any other person to tell you who you are. I hope to be able to support you on and on…

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