Mystic Symbolic: The Colorifying

MysticSymbolic has a long way to go, but continues to improve! We now have a rudimentary mandala generator, a Randomize Colors button, and an easier-to-remember work-in-progress URL:

Though primarily a collaboration between me and outstanding code genius Atul Varma, we now have a “team” including Dave Weaver of Webaissance, and my old pal Maneesh Yadav, who will hopefully dial in the colors. I’ve always scorned work-culture ideas like “team” and “meetings,” but I must say these are making the project better.

Speaking of colors, I am amazed at how well purely random RGB colors are working. I assumed unrestricted random palettes would be 90% horrible, but in fact they are 50% tolerable, and sometimes quite lovely. All the color combos below were generated randomly.



Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

2 thoughts on “Mystic Symbolic: The Colorifying”

  1. Hi Nina,
    First I must say we ( me and my wife) are in love with your works and especially with Seder-Masochism. First time we saw this movie at animation festival which took place in Jerusalem. And since then we watch it every Passover. Personally I don’t miss any opportunity to tell about this piece of art to my friends.
    It’s true that Israel is not an easy place to accept different points of view. But definitely your work does change the world. It does liberalize people and it does help to discover the other – the other opinion, the other color, the other other.
    The question I have is about your Mystic Symbolic project. Considering the known opinion of yours about copyright, I assume that these images are public domain. I just want to make sure.
    We produce a music for theatre and cinema. And we have some music piece we want to combine with an animation. Are we free to use these images?
    Thank you.

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