I’m exploring custom lenticular prints of loops from ApocalypseAnimated.com. I still don’t have them in hand; the first tests arrive in hand next week. Here’s a preview video from the printer of the design below:

Four Horsemen

But I’m so excited I’m already setting up designs for 6 more, to make a set of 7 lenticular prints (7 seems to be the most fetishized number in the Book of Revelation). Because I want to look at them adjacent to each other, I’m posting them here!

One on the Throne
The Number of the Beast
Woman and Dragon
Temple Smoke
Abaddon Fire
Whore of Babylon
Tree of Life

These loops are all 8 frames (except the Throne and Temple Smoke) because the more frames interlaced into a lenticular, the blurrier it gets. I really won’t know how or whether these designs will work until they’re interlaced, printed, and sealed under a ridged piece of plastic called a lens. Also there are 8 here, not 7, so one of them will eventually be excluded.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

3 thoughts on “Lenticulicious”

  1. I understand from your comments about ENCANTO and POWER OF THE DOG that you don’t watch many movies, but I wanted to write anyway to say that I think you’ll like TURNING RED, which is currently on Disney+.

    Aside from just liking the film a lot, it strikes me the way your work does, as pretty much the work and point of view of a single mind, considering things of interest to her in ways that enlarged my understanding of the world from watching it.

    Hank Graham

  2. OMG These are magnificent! I can only imagine how you would creatively craft Kabbalistic works and stories such as Ezekiel’s vision, the 4 rabbis that went through the pardes, the Bahir, the Shiur Qomah, and so much more!

  3. These are so wonderful. I love your work– more so with each passing year. (I still have a vhs tape with the title “Sita Sings the Blues” written in my mom’s cursive handwriting. She’d taped it off of PBS I think, recording over some old episodes of Mystery Diagnosis or something equally fabulous like that (what a compliment, right?). Anyway, she mailed me that vhs tape and nagged me over and over again to watch it. I kept putting it off, assuming it was some sort of M.O.W. from the Lifetime Channel.
    When I finally did watch it, I couldn’t STOP watching it (and HAVEN’T stopped) since then. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and countless others. It’s just a thing of wonder.
    1. Have you ever considered animating/directing an animated feature film written by someone else?
    2. Have you ever read “The Alphabet Versus The Goddess: the Conflict Between Word and Image? I think you’d love it. The author is Leonard Shlain.

    Mary Birdsong
    p.s. Thank you for nagging me, Mama.

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