Covid Reactive Autoimmune Pathology

In general:

Autoimmune and Autoinflammatory Connective Tissue Disorders Following COVID-19

High risk of autoimmune diseases after COVID-19

Patients with COVID-19 have 43% increased risk for new-onset autoimmune diseases

Autoimmunity is a hallmark of post-COVID syndrome

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (of which Crohn’s is one):

SARS-CoV-2 infection as a potential trigger factor for de novo occurrence of inflammatory bowel disease

Crohn’s Disease (my personal form of CRAP):

COVID-19 as a Trigger for De Novo Crohn’s Disease

Psoriasis (my other personal form of CRAP):

New Onset and Exacerbations of Psoriasis Following COVID-19 Vaccines: A Systematic Review

New-onset and flares of psoriasis after COVID-19 infection or vaccination successfully treated with biologics: a case series

And Eczema, which is not exactly an autoimmune condition but is allegedly related, and which in my case also got worse after the vaccines and further worse after Covid, but hell maybe it’s because I’m just getting old:

Large cohort study shows increased risk of developing atopic dermatitis after COVID-19 disease

My point is, CRAP is a great acronym for this, and as far as search engines are concerned I coined it. You’re welcome!


Author: Nina Paley

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2 thoughts on “Covid Reactive Autoimmune Pathology”

  1. Dang. As if sensitive skin and supremely itchy rashes were not enough. Have avoided COVID so far but, yes, allergies get worse as one ages. At 51 ate everything. Then pecans, cranberry juice, nightshades (tomato, potato, green chili, etc.), gluten, latex (pineapple, melon, avocado, banana, grape, peach, apple, cherry, kiwi, carrot, celery, pear, zucchini), cabbage, garlic, onion, and, most recently, lemon and blueberries cause a long standing rash. Eczema, so they say. Abstinence is one treatment. I don’t every want to be on prednisone again.

  2. You do proper research. That’s so cool. A scientist artist.
    I simplify it for people, saying our immune systems took a lot of pokes and punches recently, so getting pummeled and being kept on high alert causes confusion and friendly-fire. You don’t need that though, you’re even naming a new pathology. I’d like to see your research on ways to sort out that confusion.
    Pity be upon you.

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