Eats for Endorsement

An ongoing feature in which I recommend the work and websites of people who buy me dinner. Today’s entry: Ross Kiester!


I met Ross Kiester at the Platform Animation Festival in Portland, OR, where his two brilliant and charming teenage daughters impressed me with their impeccable taste (they’re fans of the Stork). Last week Ross was in New York doing…well, all kinds of things. For not only is he a mathematician into discreet global grids, but he’s also a turtle conservationist. The latter is how he knows Eric Goode of the Maritime Hotel – turns out he’s a turtle conservationist too. Those turtle conservationists form a tight community, which is why fellow turtle conservationist Maurice Rodrigues is the manager of the Maritime’s various enterprises, including Matsuri, where we enjoyed a lavish and delicious Japanese meal followed by French fusion pastries. My oh my that was tasty. Also joining were Ross’ niece and her husband, both accomplished graphic designers. Conversation focused on Basque cuisine, Japanese cuisine, alcohol (for once I wasn’t the only person at the table who just doesn’t like the taste), West vs. East Coasts, and of course, turtles. On that subject I was surely the most ignorant person there, but I did suggest a three-word name for their organization – the Global Turtle Initiative.

These cheesy flash photos don’t do anyone justice, alas.

Maurice: yes to turtles, no to booze.

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