The Stick came…



and beat the Dog, that bit the Cat, that ate the Goat, which my father bought for two zuzim. Chad Gadya


…and bit the Cat…


…that ate the Goat that my father bought for two zuzim. Chad Gadya

The dog came….

Chad Gadya dog cat

What happens next isn’t going to be pretty. Chad Gadya

“The cat came, and ate the goat.”

chad gadya cat goat

Does it make sense? No. Chad Gadya.

New Merch! “This Land Is Mine” Silk Pocket Square

pure silk This Land Is Mine 13" pocket square

A fine haberdasher asked me to design this fine 100% silk 13″ x 13″ pocket square with designs from This Land Is Mine. They are very fancy! $45-a-piece fancy, which is what fine haberdasherous silk pocket squares go for. Buy yours here.

This Land Is Mine pocket square shown to scale

Product Description

“This Land Is Mine” pocket square: millennia of violent territorial disputes distilled into a charming, non-violent, 100% silk 13″x13″ pocket square. Square made in France; history made in the Levant. (Alternate video link at vimeo. Note: pocket square does not play video.)


Seder Masochism: Phase I

Behold, self-hating Children of Israel! I have a new Kickstarter project, which could become a new film.

Indian Jew in New York?

I want to attend an Indian seder this year, but I don’t know any Indian Jews here (although totally secular, I am an Ashkenazi Jew). I also like Indian food. And I have sufficient chutzpah to ask, in public, to be invited to an Indian seder. I’ll bring grape juice!