I’m Cheap and Easy

Today I did a google blogsearch on my name (no, I’m not ashamed) and look what came up:

Not just a monster, a bargain monster. This may be my only five-star review.

Get me with no regrets. Beware of invalid information about me, there’s plenty out there.

Quality the me, conveniently located.

(I had a link to the squatter-site that generated this crap, but it’s since been replaced by sex ads.)


15 people, $2K each?

thermometer.jpgMy current plan involves persuading 15 people to lend me $2,000 each. A mere $2K buys a credit of your choice, and I’ll pay you back as soon as the movie gets money (before I pay back myself). How does that sound? I’m also trying to arrange a screening (on DVD) in New York so all you moneybags can see what you’re supporting. Any venues out there want to help? Actually if anyone out there wants to organize a fundraising screening in another city, that’d be great too. I’m shooting for November or December. Talk to me, baby!


Snake Wrangler

Speaking of raising $30,000, anyone who invests can have a credit of their choice in the film! Director, Writer and Animator are all taken, but there are so many more:

Best Boy
Key Grip
Location Scout
Sita’s Gowns by
Set Dresser
Animal Trainer
Third Unit Supervisor
Grand Poobah
Executive Poobah
Associate Poobah
Stunt Double

…and so many more. Buy your credit today!




Anyone have $30,000 lying around I can borrow? That’s about how much it will cost to get the digital film-out, soundtrack and processing for a 35mm print of Sita Sings the Blues. I promise I’ll pay you right back once the big bucks start rolling in. There’s big bucks in quirky little self-animated art films, right? And the dollar’s weak right now, so if you loan me $30,000 in euros or rupees it’s like a good deal or something.