Eats for Endorsement

A new feature in which I recommend the work and websites of people who buy me dinner. Today’s entry: Roz Warren!

Back before the interwebs, we independent cartoonists struggled in obscurity, seldom finding the audiences who would most appreciate our work. That anyone saw marginal comics like Nina’s Adventures at all was due to the good graces and herculean efforts of small publishers – publishers like Roz Warren. Throughout the 90’s, Roz selflessly devoted herself to the cause of “getting it out there,” editing and publishing humor collections through her Laugh Lines Press. I hadn’t seen Roz in over a decade, which was far too long; but apparently we’re both still as charming and brilliant as ever, although one of us has become a public librarian (guess which!). Indeed, conversation remained entertaining and fascinating as Roz treated me to an extremely delicious dinner in the West Village. Check out her web site which includes several stories and humor pieces, including this one which apparently has become a literary cult classic.

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Maximum Boost to Norway!

I don’t like beer, and I don’t like to party, but I like Party With Beer:

Apparently some people were offended by “Heinrich Stämmler”‘s (I love how a Norwegian cartoon features German English) cartoon wee-wee. It’s part of Norges Televisjon‘s animated talk show project, which postulates TV talking heads don’t wear pants, since they’re (supposed to be) shot from the waist up, behind desks. Some Youtubers were so outraged by the flappin’ flaccidity, that Stämmler issued a video response:

Finally, NRK cleaned up their act with this Family-Friendly Version:

Some comments indicated “Party with Beer” is a parody of the band Scooter, which I’d never heard of, but after seeing their videos I have to agree – a brilliant parody at that.

Now I want to move to Norway.


Back from Portland

The Platform Animation Festival was a big success, classy from start to finish. The Sita Sings the Blues work-in-progress screening went exceptionally well. The theater was beautiful, the projection system outstanding, and the audience was exceedingly kind and generous. I sampled some fine films, hung out with old friends and colleagues, and met some very cool people for the first time. And now I must get back to work!