Bargain (Ten Thousand Dollars)

Bargain (Ten Thousand Dollars) 71″ x 31.5″ Cotton fabric, wool batting, polyester thread Reverse applique and quilting “Why are works by Marlene Dumas worth millions and those by the stylistically similar Chuck Connelly worth next to nothing? Because surplus capital in the hands of a small group of moneyed types decrees it so, by fiat. … Continue reading “Bargain (Ten Thousand Dollars)”

Ahimsa: Sita Sings the Blues now CC-0 “Public Domain”

I am hereby changing Sita Sings the Blues‘ CC-BY-SA (Share Alike) license to CC-0. A few years ago I started thinking about taking a vow of non-violence: a commitment to never sue anyone over Knowledge (or Culture, Cultural Works, Art, Intellectual Pooperty, whatever you call it). Copyright law is hopelessly broken; indeed, the Law in … Continue reading “Ahimsa: Sita Sings the Blues now CC-0 “Public Domain””

The Mimi & Eunice Book is Now Available!

Order it by clicking the new “Store” tab at “I laughed out loud!…[The Intellectual Pooperty cartoons] are very very funny….however, if you could inform readers that this naive concept doesn’t correspond to the laws that actually exist, it would avoid encouraging them to believe that it does.” —Richard Stallman Here’s a photo of the … Continue reading “The Mimi & Eunice Book is Now Available!”