The Mimi & Eunice Book is Now Available!

Order it by clicking the new “Store” tab at

“I laughed out loud!…[The Intellectual Pooperty cartoons] are very very funny….however, if you could inform readers that this naive concept doesn’t correspond to the laws that actually exist, it would avoid encouraging them to believe that it does.”

—Richard Stallman

Here’s a photo of the book surrounded by more copies of the book with pages open in seductive poses:

come-hither books


2 comments to The Mimi & Eunice Book is Now Available!

  • suede


    I read the “about” page on but still have some questions :

    1. How did the idea of Mimi and Eunice, pronounced “me-me” and “you-ness”, come into being?

    2. How would you describe the characters Mimi and Eunice ?


  • Nurasyiqin.Bahari

    Yeah!But where I can buy that book?

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