Copy Bunny Progress Bar

Our first Minute Meme, Copying Is Not Theft, continues its steady spread online. The two versions currently most shared are’s “official” version, which we unfortunately named “best” instead of “official” (“best” implying a value judgement) and the arrangement by Willbe which uses my original wavery vocals (hence my unfortunate value judgement – the official/”best” version has vocals by professional Connie Champagne, which save me the embarrassment of hearing my own voice).

On the Willbe version youtube page, I found a pretty good suggestion in the comments: a Copy Bunny Progress bar. That was easy enough to make; here’s a truncated version in GIF format:

I also uploaded all the original .fla files to, so you can remix and modify to your heart’s content.

"Copying Is Not Theft" PinAlso, did you know there’s a Copying Is Not Theft cloisonne pin? Well there is! And you can buy it.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

3 thoughts on “Copy Bunny Progress Bar”

  1. Nice. I hadn’t heard the Wilbe version yet. I think it’s a good one. Impressive clean-up on the audio, and your voice isn’t as bad as you think (and sometimes a “perfect” voice isn’t as interesting).

    This Minute Meme certainly continues to stir up a lot of discussion.

  2. Just after I ordered some things in the shop – when else – a friend wanted to have a lapel pin with the copy bunny. I was not able to use the flash sources nor found a source file for the pin; so for greater accessories, here the SVG file result of a tweaked screenshot taken from the minute video:

    PS: there are some more “sticker” templates in the album 😉

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