Witnessing a Miracle

The COVID-19 pandemic is a miracle. I mean this in the biblical sense. Biblical miracles are horrific, bringing death and destruction. The Ten Plagues of Exodus were miracles, or at least “wonders.” The miracles of Revelation are even worse. A miracle isn’t a fluffybunny event. It is an act of God. The COVID pandemic is … Continue reading “Witnessing a Miracle”

Notes on the Apocalypse

Many battles, much polarization; we are splitting into sides. Online especially, there is right and wrong, good and bad, the “right side of history” and the wrong. Even saying “the right side of history” implies petty, idiotic opinions are of world-altering significance. The Book of Revelation is the ultimate story of Good vs. Evil, black … Continue reading “Notes on the Apocalypse”

“What is the difference between virtue signaling and actually believing in something and wanting to spread the word about it?”

Last week, on various social media, I shared this brief thought: I’m starting to find virtue signaling frightening, rather than just annoying, because virtue signalers are the same people who cancel (ie lie, denounce, and attack). Virtue signaling and cancel culture are two sides of the same increasingly troubling coin. This led someone on fecebook … Continue reading ““What is the difference between virtue signaling and actually believing in something and wanting to spread the word about it?””

Muse Symbol

I’m looking at and thinking about religious symbols all day – ok, I admit it, CHRISTIAN symbols, those symbols I’m surrounded by here in Western Civilization, but which have always been forbidden because I’m an atheist Jew. Well, I’ve lifted that internal prohibition recently, and my symbol-loving mind has been wallowing in symbols like a … Continue reading “Muse Symbol”


One notable thing about the Bible, from the Old Testament, is that sins are transferrable. Just as debt is transferrable in an economy. So the Bible establishes a…Sin Economy. “…in the death of Christ the “guilt” of sin is transferred to Christ from believers.  Though we are all “guilty” as sinners before God; we can … Continue reading “Theocronomics”

TERVen On Their Minds

Sung by Judy Handmaiden My mind is clearer now.At last all too wellI can see where we all soon will be.If you strip awayThe myth from the men,You will see where we all soon will be.Woman!They’ve started to believeAll that postmodern woo.They really do believetheir genders could be true.And all the rights you’ve wonWill soon … Continue reading “TERVen On Their Minds”