Why I hate T-Mobile

The following report has nothing to do with art, film, or copyright, or anything else I care about. I’m just publishing it on my blog because there’s not much else I can do about it.


Last month T-Mobile charged me about $280 over my rate plan. When I called, the Customer Service Representative (CSR) said I should have used the web site to check my minutes. There was nothing they could do now, she said.

So paid the $369.11 bill, then went to the web site and changed my plan. Last week I got a bill with $105 in extra fees. I called today, explained I’d changed my plan after talking to the CSR, and could they resolve the excess charges. No, they said, because I should have changed it by phone. I shouldn’t have used the web site. Didn’t I see the little notice on the web site saying changes wouldn’t go into effect for another month? I told them the CSR didn’t tell me I’d be penalized for using the web site. There was nothing they could do now, they said.

I asked to speak to my CSR’s supervisor. “Guy” confirmed the records showed I had indeed changed my plan online shortly after speaking with a CSR. After much pleading on my part, told me he’d split the $105 with me. I asked to speak to his boss. “If you do, I can’t guarantee my offer.”

His boss informed me there was nothing he could do, there was no way to resolve the charges, I was responsible for them because I’d changed my plan online, and I should be responsible. He said the online service was for my convenience. I said a $105 charge wasn’t convenient.  He reminded me that I could have gotten $52.50 in credit had I only accepted Guy’s offer, but now there was nothing he could do.

A CSR the previous month told me to use the web site, that my huge bill was the result of my failure to use the web site. The CSRs this month told me my huge bill was the result of my using the same web site.

T-Mobile seems to find any reason to overcharge, and no recourse for resolving problems, even when a customer genuinely wants to, and clearly makes efforts to do so. They really seem to want customers to be unable to change their plans, so they can keep charging for extra minutes. I did what they said, and they still overcharged me, blaming me for using the same web service they blamed me for not using the previous month.

There’s nothing they can do, their hands are tied, they’re helpless to help me (except Guy was briefly given miraculous powers to offer me $52.50 for a few minutes, but these powers were just as mysteriously lost when I spoke with his superior). I sure know what helpless feels like – I’ve been overbilled $375 now, after doing what the CSRs told me to do.

All I can do now is write about it.

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  • Patrick Di Justo

    I got off only slightly better than you. http://murmursofearth.blogspot.com/2007/05/t-mobile-ballade.html

  • Hey Nina,

    I’ve had good luck bypassing the ground level CSR’s at cell companies and talking to executive customer service before.

    Here’s two posts at Consumerist that might help you out, it’s got contact info for their upper level executive csrs;



  • Four years ago T-mobile sent us a letter (on paper delivered by Post Office) telling us we were paying too much given the amount of monthly service we actually used and if we prefer I could pay less under another plan, and would I like to make this change? D’uh, yes. And have I switched carriers for any reason since then? D’uh, no. Ah, back in the day when T-Mobile understood that they had a high reputation for customer service.

  • I hereby promise never to use T-Mobile.

    See if you can start up a FB page “One Million People Who Won’t Use T-Mobile Until It Refunds The $375 It Owes Nina Paley.”

  • I HATE cell phones..never had one ,never will..they are just evil minions doing what they can to gouge the consumer out of every nickle and dime they can , for as long as they can…PENALTIES for taking to a SUPERVISOR..MAN I’d be so fucking fast on that guys neck about getting my credit…what a waste of your precious time…
    I’d join any ‘HATE T-Mobil and all the rest” Page you had…LOL
    whenever I walk thru the mall and some ass wipe says..”OH HEY how bout a new cell phone?” I just start laughing like a maniac and pointing at them an say…”Why don’t I just fricking THROW a bunch of money down the toilet right now for crappy treatment!? Can you tell I’m pissed for you?

  • It would appear that T-mobile is being particularly cold on this occasion; from my experience, mobile companies will (after some prodding) move you to the higher rate plan and apply it retroactively if you ask in the first instance.

    Problems like this are just another reason why I avoid mobile contracts like the plague.

  • The other thing you should probably do is send a letter to your congressperson. They get scads of money from telcos, and probably they don’t get nearly as much correspondence from their constituents bitching. It might be nice if the ratio were reversed.

    There might be something like a Public Utilities Board that you could complain to as well.

  • Brittany Foehner

    T-Mobile did the same thing to me a few years ago when I had them as my pre-paid cellphone company. The kicker was that they charged me for using my phone ‘out of the service area’, which happened to be 20 minutes from my home, where I was in the service area. Apparently at Rochester, NY, there are some spots that qualify as Canada or something.

    Not to push another cell company on you, but I have had nothing but good dealings with Cingular/ATT. One month, a CSR called me to inform me that I’d gone over my texting plan by $45, and if I changed my plan by Wednesday, the charges would be erased. They followed through on that. No problems until a year later when I added a cell phone to my plan. I was under the impression that I had unlimited texting for both phones, but unfortunately the CSR who set that up had made a mistake. They fixed everything, credited the $102.63 to my bill, and also gave me a $15.00 credit for the inconvenience. I haven’t had any problems since then.

  • Drakar

    At least t-mobile (presumably) knows the difference between $.02 and $.0002 …

  • E

    Send your complaint, exactly as written, to Consumerist — it’s just the sort of thing that runs and gets a lot of attention there. And also, search that site for advice on escalating your issue with T-Mob management.

  • Joe Magil

    Corporations behave this way on purpose. They deliberately mislead and commit fraud to pump their profits. I have a friend who was at a manager’s meeting of the company he works for. At the meeting, the managers decided that if there is a warranty claim against one of their products, they would not respond to the initial inquiry, which was usually by letter. They would only respond to the second inquiry, and then only if the inquiry was submitted by phone. They reasoned that the average person would only have the time to submit one inquiry and would then forget to follow up on that one when it was ignored. That way, the company could save money by not honoring most of the warranty claims made against it. Result: They do save lots of money, while their customers get to enjoy bleeding hemorrhoids.

    With our thoroughly corrupt political and economic system, all the power is in the hands of the capitalists, and we can only request small, fleeting, inadequate, largely symbolic amounts of “mercy” from them when they abuse us.

  • kelly

    yesterday i went to t-mobile and they seid i get 40:00 off a phone. so i called them to see when i can get my phone and they seid in 2 years. what the heck are they thinking i want my phone now!!!!!!!

  • Easy solution rests in the power of the consumer. Walk out the door and go somewhere else. Don’t like the waitress, walk out the door and go somewhere else. Salesperson eat a pound of crabby cakes? Walk out the door and go somewhere else? If enough people leave and take their money elsewhere, the company will change or go broke. The consumer bringing in the cash is the lifeblood of any retail business. If a company hemorrhages enough, they’ll figure it out. Continuing to patronizing a place of business that pisses you off doesn’t do a thing to the business, in fact it still helps them. All it serves to do is cause you to suffer. If T-Crapple isn’t serving you well, go to ATT or Verizon.

    Corporations want comsumers to feel some sort of brand loyalty. Be loyal to the team. Loyal to the family. Loyal to your favorite whatsit. Good for them, bad for people who feel loyalty viscerally. Corporations will renig on promises as soon as they become inconvenient.

    Don’t get mad at T-Crapple. They aren’t worth the heartburn. Leave. That’s something they will notice. You don’t want to do nothing because you feel you can’t do everything. You may feel that one person leaving isn’t going to change anything. Maybe true, but if the million other people hosed by these guys go somewhere else, that would leave a mark.

    BTW – calls are recorded. Say on the phone, “I’m leaving because the customer service sucks and I’m going to Sprint.” People hear that and reports of those sorts of things filter their way to the right sociopaths- er – managers. The bigger the aggregate that makes its way there, the bigger the impact.

    About the ETF. T-Crapple settled on a class action suit regarding the unfair practices of the early termination fee. They’ve even changed their policy regarding amount due for an ETF. Google it and see if it helps you out.


  • Heddy

    I had a similar problem with T Mobile several years ago. Although we were in official “dispute” they shut down my phone, which is illegal.

    Fortunately, I had an unlocked cell phone so it didn’t make that much of an impact. But it made me so angry I pursued the matter with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

    It took a long time to get a response (even with exhaustive documentation), but once the FCC was involved T Mobile was very eager to make amends.

    The take aways:

    1/ Always get an unlocked phone.

    2/ File a complaint with good documentation with the FCC.

  • Tmobile is a german enterprise, being born out of the former state sponsored telecom monopolist. believe me, everybody in germany hates that company. everybody. water head burocracy, bad service, overcharging, unfair treatment.

    since the telecommunication system got opened up for competition, everybody who can tries to get away from them. I suggest you do the same. get away!


  • wow cheers for this just posting on my twitter now.

  • Hi Nina,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with Tmobile. Personally, I’d get rid of all my phone services and just use Skype. That’s what I do. I put $10 dollars on my credit card for a month of service and that’s all I pay. It’s like a cent and 1/2 per minute. It’s great! If you call someone Skype to Skype, there’s no charge at all. Of coarse you can only talk over your computer on Skype, but to me it’s worth it. I don’t need to be in touch with or be on call 24 hrs a day, plus I don’t need a phone company fleecing me either.
    Check out Skype.

  • odysseus

    Everyone, it seems, hates their cellphone carrier (some more than others, however — AT&T seems a particular target of hatred). And they usually have reason to, because they’re being overcharged for services that would be cheaper if there were true competition in the market. But there isn’t.

    I think that the carriers are going to fight tooth-and-nail, but they’re eventually going to be just mobile internet providers. No one is going to continue to use them for voice because Google and Skype and VoIP providers will do the job at a far lower cost. The carriers’ margins are going to be squeezed further. The iPhone has ushered in this era because it’s so data-centric, and push technology already makes instant notifications possible for any program, not just for the carrier’s voicemail.

  • Jeremy Stuart

    fucc tmobile

  • Susan

    I hate T Mobile as well. Word to the wise – when you switch from a contract to a non-contract plan you will immediately lose any phone upgrade that is coming to you – so I just learned after the fact.

    Two months ago I was at the T-Mobile store about my son’s line and they told me my line had a free phone upgrade. I’ve been a customer for years with a contract. I said thanks for the info – I will upgrade soon.

    Yesterday, because aforementioned son ran over our family plan minutes, I switched to a new plan with more minutes, a non-contract plan. Today I called to make sure I still had my phone upgrade available, and T-Mobile said it was gone.

    No one ever told me when I was converting to a non-contract plan that I would lose my phone upgrade. If they had, I would have gone to the T-Mobile store, gotten my new phone, and THEN switched. I spoke to a several reps including the Customer Loyalty Specialist (what a joke) and got nowhere.

    The Customer Loyalty Specialist actually told me that of course I could get an upgrade on the new no contract plan. It just worked a little differently on the non-contract plan. I now could buy a phone for example for $400, and T-Mobile would allow me to pay it off monthly at $20. So my free phone upgrade is gone – and now I’m paying $20 per month for a new phone on the new plan. I was speechless when he “explained” this to me. Does he think I’m a moron? The comparison is still free phone versus $400 phone.

    The CSRs are like robots. They “understand” the situation but do nothing to rectify the situation. They try to explain to you why you shouldn’t be frustrated. “Oh of course we’re screwing you over, but you shouldn’t really mind because blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

    I will be switching to another carrier.

  • april

    well as an investigator trainee i suggest we all join in on a class action suit you can call them and nothing gets resolved so if your interested in stopping these phone companies from doing this we all join together and let the courts handle it

  • Steve

    I too have had problems over the course of seven years with this company. I like April’s input about “letting the courts handle it”. I am drained by the number of times I have to call and figure out there job for them. I’m tired of paying a stinking corporate that much each year for crappy service and products. And to keep paying full price during their network failures is just wrong!!!
    I also got a kick out of there so-called Customer Loyalty Specialist. What a joke!
    I’m ready to stand up against them all. Let’s join forces.

  • That totally sucks, hope it never happens to me. Up until a moment there I was liking T-Mobile.

    Hope things work in your favor, sooner or later.

  • TG

    About four years ago, my employer required me to get a cell phone. I got a T-Mobile phone. Now, after losing my job and being forced to move across the nation (to an area with crappy T-Mobile service) to go back to school, I cancelled my service. So T-Mobile is hitting me with a $200 fee saying I’ve broken my contract. The fee is over a side agreement for T-Mobile @Home, for which I now pay $10 per month. I even offered to pay $10 per month for the remaining 8 months of the contract, but T-Mobile refused. So after I paid the company approximately $2,500 over four years, it’s willing to throw away my loyalty over a few dollars. T-Mobile will never get another dollar from me. And I’ll tell everyone I know that T-Mobile is a terrible company to deal with.

  • Debbie

    Last year I got a new phone for my Dad. My Dad, particularly did not like the phone that I had originally selected because he did not particulary like using the phone and he did not like the Nokia slider phone. I called T-Mobile to get another phone without upgrading my contract for another year or two. T-Mobile representative that I spoke with assured me that I could do a monthly payment plan for this phone without upgrading this phone. I agreed and she informed me that this would not affect my contract. Fast forwarding to January 2010, I called T-mobile to inquire about the Pay As you Go Plan, because I knew my contract was ending this year and I wanted to know what date my contract would actually end. The T-Mobile representative said that on the phone that I use, my contract would end March of this year and the phone that I got for my Dad would end next April. I was livid because the T-Mobile representative that I spoke with last year, assured me that my contract would not be extended if I paid for this phone in installments. I spoke with the contract’s department at T-Mobile and they also informed me that my Dad’s phone is still under contract for another year. I am really thinking about cancelling my contract with T-Mobile and going somewhere else. I really do not want to pay the cancellation fees? I need help with this issue.

  • vinny

    T-Mobile are horrible. They will trick you into signing contracts and if you return into the store the manager will treating you like a beggar and throw you out of the store (or at least try to). This is true of the branch at 110 Oxford Street where the manager and staff are of the same ethnic origin and speak in their own language, no doubt plotting against customers who have the nerve to complain when they have been overcharged or flogged an illegal contract.

  • vince

    T-Mobile are a bunch of crooks. Never walk into the branch at 110 Oxford Street London, W1. It is run by a bunch of thugs from the same ethnic group, who discuss in their own language and flog people lousy contracts. If you then return the Deputy Manager (Harms) will through you out of the store for complaining in an aggressive manner. They are a bunch of criminals.

  • val

    T-mobile are the most unhelpful company I have ever come accross and I can’t wait until I’m out of contract with them. Remember, if a deal looks too good to be true, it most likely is, and you can be sure of it when it comes to T-mobile.

  • Philly

    They broke my phone.

  • A man With a T-mobile Plan

    I hate T-mobile now and just cancelled my plan and smashed my phone, and I’m not going to pay them any money for closing my account with them they can eat it. Their (CRS) people are phoney and a bunch of liars! They are run by a machine that aparently makes the decisions around there. Boo T-mobile! sorry had to rant and came across your blog

  • labhyr

    thought i was the only with t mobile gripes

    lets all get to voip (fring)

    not too sure how it works and charges but seems brilliant in the reading i have done so far

  • Natasha

    T-mobile charges you for 30 DAYS! following the contract termination! Not a single other provider does this! It’s outrageous!

  • I also hate T Mobile.
    The worst service I ever experienced.
    Nice talk and terrible service.

  • Christine

    I just decided to cut and paste my entire letter to t-mobile:

    T-Mobile Customer Relations
    P.O. Box 37380
    Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

    Re: COMPLAINT: Rod# 531626

    Dear T-Mobile:
    I was pushed to the edge tonight (1/4/11) by T-mobile. And, I cannot stand T-mobile.

    I had a simple work-related objective: To find the dates that I made outgoing calls to 510-272-6700 between December 21-31 2010. One would think I would have no problem getting this. Think again! I needed this because it is important in the work I do with other attorneys.

    1st – I tried to deal with my issue on-line.on the t-mobile website. Nope. On January 4, 2011, the only phone calls you can see on-line stop at Dec. 20, 2010.

    2nd – I decided to call which resulted in 36 minutes waiting on hold and then after painfully explaining what I needed to two different people retrieved no results, only frustration. I wasted over one hour of my time with T-mobile and got nowhere. I wanted to pull my hair out.

    The 1st “assistant” understood what I wanted and even saw it in front of her. She said she couldn’t give me the dates. She said she didn’t have the ability to tell me the dates. I said, I have provided her with the specific number and even the ten-day span that I called the number 3 times and merely needed 3 dates. Nope. She had them right in front of her screen and couldn’t give me 3 dates in December. She said she had no ability which was a lie. Then I asked her to just send me my most up-to-date current bill – from the 21st of December to today. She said she had no ability. I told her she could fax or mail it or e-mail it. Nope. Useless.

    The “escalation” supervisor was equally unhelpful and incredibly rude and totally useless. Her name/number is Rod # 531626. Why does T-mobile bother having a supervisor when they have no authority or ability? Page 8 thru 9 of the Code of Conduct of T-mobile was completely ignored. I am disgusted that I pay so much every month and have no access to my own information. I wasn’t asking for call details. I had the details. I just wanted to see my dates…My current up-to-date bill. Rod said she had no ability whatsoever. I told her that I know she has a fax there. She said she doesn’t. What’s the point of an escalation supervisor who has no work ethic to facilitate a solution to a customer problem. T-mobile got an F. And what is the point of a call center that does nothing but piss off their clients even more? I write tonight, because I am curious if you think that this is perfectly acceptable customer service from your company?


    cc: Deutsche Telekom, Inc. Philipp Humm
    14 Wall Street, Suite 6B 12920 SE 38th Street.
    New York, NY 10005 Bellevue, WA 98006

  • Matt

    It all starts with a lack of accountability. On your part. find me a cell phone cartier in the us that everybody doesn’t complain about, and prove me wrong. God, you people feel like the world owes you something just because your paying for a service.

  • Gen

    I HATE T-Mobile!!!!!
    Upgraded phones this last Christmas for myself and 2 other lines via the website. They offered to give me a free data plan to try out for the first month which was GREAT.. But, just today, 2 months later, I learn when I get my bill that the data plan is NOT optional. I have to purchase it. I asked why did you let me try it free, if it were not optional? Turns out, after 20 days, you cannot return the phone. Their own little scam to suck you in. I am stuck for TWO YEAR!! Well, I plan to spread just how much they SUCK!!!

  • astra

    T mobile is the worst wireless service I have experienced…Thank God I am done with their contract now

  • Thankyou Nina for writing this!!!!

    I join you in solidarity.

    I EFFFING HATE, H A T E T-Mobile. Here is why: I bought an HTC HD2 from them last summer. Within just a couple of months, the damned thing DID NOT WORK – the screen did not respond, I was getting muiltiple green screens of death per day, etc. The damned thing would just restart at any time. It was an EFFING NIGHTMARE. And those of you who have this phone know that it is EXPENSIVE. So, I get on the horn with T-mobile at the first sign of trouble. I am put through TORTURE. I am treated as if I am a stupid disobedient child. FINALLY, after a good month of torturous phone calls, they bitchingly agree to honor the fact THAT I PAID FULL PRICE FOR A BRAND NEW PHONE WITH THE EXPECTATION THAT IT WOULD (egads!), um, WORK. They agreed to send a “new” replacement phone. Guess What??? They sent me a #$$%^^&&**i(( REFURBISHED PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!! Ok, so I call them, they lie, condescend, and obfuscate until I have no more energy and all I can do is fantasize about the thousand ways I could murder the person on the other end. After many more days and hours of phone calls, wherein they further torture me by forcing me to repeat some “troubleshooting” procedure (it is only designed to force customers into submission by wasting their time to death), they begrudgingly agree to send another “new” phone, which is, you guessed it #$$%^^&*)* REFURBISHED AGAIN!!!!!!!! I call them, enraged and beside myself with fury, but it is no use. I am forced into silence and submission because they have all the time in the world to put me off, and I actually have a life I need to live.

    Oh, did I mention the constant dropped calls, by the way?

    Well, well, well, it is many months later, and I have still gotten ZERO satisfaction. The phone doesn’t really work well, and I hate it and T-Mobile. I discover that T-Mobile decided to just erase all of my saved voicemails – without warning me, without telling me, without giving me the option to save them elsewhere – just nothing – GONE.

    So, I try again to get someone on the phone. I tell them that they have erased all of my voicemails. I am treated to some 3-stooges style conversation – apparently the concept of the existence of my voicemails is impossible to grasp. She can’t figure out what I am talking about. UM, how about this, you deleted my fucking voicemails without telling me, is that clear enough??????!!!!!!!! No, it isn’t. I hang up in disgust.

    Yet ANOTHER new problem with my HTC HD2 phone. It no longer vibrates!!!! Just stopped working today!!!! SO, guess what happened?????
    I get on the phone with T-Mobile, and they want to interrogate me, imply that I am lying, and put me through the fucking “troubleshoot” process for the umpteenth time. I give the guy a piece of my mind, and hang up.

    I called back to get a supervisor on the phone. I present the entire series of circumstances to him – – but this time, I form it as a question – – “How would you feel, if…..”. You’ll love the response. Here is what this m-effing liar said, “Well, I’d feel that I was honoring the warrantee” Oh, Really???? Hey MutherFucker, do you lie to your family like that? Lying Cheating Pathetic Creep. T-Mobile is a consortium of thieves, liars, cheaters, scumbags, and assholes.

  • Linaa

    I must be honest, the customer service reps I get are very very friendly and try to help as much as they can.. But I do occasionally get the ass holes that pushes me to the edge where I can no longer be polite and friendly, sometimes I flip out because they’re wrong at times. I hate tmobile so dam much, for so so sooo many reasons. I was on the phone with a tmobile rep, shopping for a nice phone to upgrade to. “Megan” said “Mam we have the G2 for only 99 dollars. I’m like that’s all? Are you sure, she’s like yes mam, its a great phone bla bla bla. I get the phone a week later, and my bill a month from then, surprise surprise, they charged me 199 for the phone 5.99 SH, and I had to pay for activation fees. I flipped out. I called tmobile told them the situation, and they said its a mail in rebate form in the box, if I send it in, I will be credited the 100 dollars. I explained to them, that I wasn’t trying to do that because I’m still being billed for 199 + the 74(my plan) plus 15 something in taxes at the end of the day. I explained to them that I was told the phone was 99 dollars, the lady never said that was after the rebate. The stupid m-fer didn’t understand what I was trying to say ughh!! I’m like of F it, I’ll send the rebate form (which takes up to 8-10 weeks to process!!) And guess what, I get a tmobile text about 3 months later saying I wasn’t elgible for the mail in rebate!! Those slick little Fuckers :(. That was such a scam, I couldn’t believe it *shaking my head* . I have the 200 mb data plan for my blackberry on another line, tmobile says I can dial #WEB# on my phone to keep an eye on how much data I use. I tried that and got a msg saying “the service available is not available for you account type” ..kill me now. So I had to manually check my data usage by checking my tmobile account online. The last time I check I only used 102 mb so far, I’m like ok cool. Come to find out that tmobile was having a proble refreshing that information, and I had actually went over my 200 mb by a lot. I called tmobile and the lady kept telling me how awful that was… I’m like ok.. And?? R u gonna help me or what? “Unfortunately we cannot credit you for going over your data usage but I will inform ___ that your phone was having problems checking your data usage” . Stupid stupid stupid. My 2 years is over in july, I literally can’t wait! Ughhh!!!

  • judi


    Which Cellular Company is really reliable, honest and WORKS… Can anyone make a recommendation?


  • tiara

    I HATE T-MOBILE!!!!! Bastards! Every last one of them! I cancelled my contract inHabitants., they charged me a $200 cancellation fee, ok cool…what was not cool was the $45 muthf*cking taxes and then they billed me for an add’l month making my total balance $323 cot damn dollars!!! Cursed out the t-mobile csr in store rep who couldn’t explain why I was being charged an add’l month…tried to resolve it on their shitty websi5e via chat room was pending for over an hour forgot about it…then today i get a call from collections agenvy telling me i owe $409!!!???? WTF!!!?? These bastards charged me almost $100 to send me to a third party collector!! Ugh….so f*cking disgusted…the rep theb tells me if I dont resolve soon that t-crappy will charge me add’l fees to send to another agency!..I hope t-crappy burns in hell!

  • T359

    I hate T- Mobile for many reasons but, we want go deep into that. The lastest thing that I hate T-mobile for is the fact that you can’t download any games. You know its been sence May 13 2011 when the problem came about and until now the people at T-Mobile still haven’t fixed the problem I’m going to break my T- Mobile contact today. Cause i’m a real truth to live gamer and you T-Mobile to be this messed up they should give everyone a refoned ( LIKE NOW ) for the problems that they keep costing for everyone.


  • Susan

    I HATE T-MOBILE! The bitches lie and cheat, they don’t live up to the promises they make. I hope they all burn in hell!

  • bill

    i fukin hate t mobile… i would fukin run over anyone i seen that works for them swear to god

  • Angry Customer

    My husband and I recently got a call from T-mobile telling us that we qualified to switch over to a regular pay account. (We had a pre-pay account) Come to find out that they are no longer offering the fav. 5 service and wanted us to switch to one of their other plans. Our phones are g3 and not g4. We asked if we could upgrade our phones and were told no. We told T-Mobile that we wouldn’t switch, and pay for g4 when our phones couldn’t get g4 service. We were then sent to a supervisor and spoke with them. We came to an agreement that if we dropped our fav. 5 service for one of their other plans, we could upgrade our phones to a g4 phone and have the phones put on an EIP. Meaning we could pay for the phones in 3 monthly installments. But we had to wait 30 days before we could do this. So we agreed. When we went to pay our bill, we checked to make sure the notes on our account reflected the EIP information and we were told it did, however, EIP was no longer offered. So when we got home we called Tmobile and was assured they would honor it. (One person told us they never discontinued it and then other person said they had but would still honor it.)Well, we went to go and get our new phones and guess what? T-mobile no longer offers the EIP and will not honor their agreement, and since they won’t honor their agreement, we want our old plan back… and guess what? They won’t give it to us either. We aren’t asking for anything free. We only want them to honor their agreement that they made with us. We were even willing to extend our contract and follow whatever rules they had in place for the upgrades. The last rep we spoke too, laughed at us and told us good luck when we said we would be filing a complaint with the BBB. He laughed and said, “Well, good luck with that.”
    I’m so angry I can’t see straight. There has to be something that can be done about these companies that take advantage of people and lie to them to get what they want. When my contract is up, I will be cancelling my service with them. Sadly tho, no matter what company you go too, they will all be the same lying bastards.

  • charlie

    Tmobile sucks. Customer service is horrible, evryone says something different. They obviously don’t know how to provide consistent, adequate services. They are horrible, I would highly recommend going with ANY other provider.

  • ken

    I think T mobile has gone from good to very ugly in matter of months i have been with company for al most 10 years they used to be good services but their staff from Top to bottom is very rude and ugly samply just stupid

  • Ricky

    I HATE tmobile so bad,
    I do not know why I hate them, I never overpaid my bill, I always fight every penny with them. BUT I F@CKING HATE tmobile, they are so UNAmerican

  • Greg

    My experience has been that T-mobile sets up policies and systems that put their customers in situations where they are billed outrageously. Then when the T-mobile coverage and services significantly deteriorates over the years, there isn’t any responsibility on their end – “that’s just the best they can do”. It is hardly ever the CSRs fault. The company sets up the policies and then either purposefully or incompetently hire CSRs that treat customers poorly.

    My most recent experience: We sent a check in on a Tuesday for a past due statement and it hadn’t cashed by Sunday so I called to make sure we wouldn’t lose service. I was told I had to pay right then to not have my services cut off and that they hadn’t received my check and may not for several days (may be a lie). Either T-mobile dropped the call or the representative hung up on me when I explained how ridiculous my options were (overpay or risk paying $60 in reactivation fees and lose service for a day or two). I called back and asked what happened and the new service representative said that he couldn’t tell what happened but the notes said that I committed to mail a check on Tuesday (nothing close to what I agreed to). So I paid by CC the amount and was reminded again why T-mobile is not a good partner for me or my business. Literally 14 minutes later, they sent me a text telling me that they had cashed my check and thanks for the payment. Epic incompetence on multiple levels. If a customer of my company had this experience, I could never pin that type of failure on the CSRs. They aren’t interested in satisfying customers. Pretty lame.

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