The Water came…



…and extinguished the Fire, that burnt the Stick, that hit the Dog, that bit the Cat, that ate the Goat which my father bought for two zuzim. Chad Gadya


The Fire came

flame+stick…and burned the Stick that beat the Dog that bit the Cat that ate the Goat which my father bought for two zuzim. Chad Gadya


The Stick came…



and beat the Dog, that bit the Cat, that ate the Goat, which my father bought for two zuzim. Chad Gadya

…and bit the Cat…


…that ate the Goat that my father bought for two zuzim. Chad Gadya

The dog came….

Chad Gadya dog cat

What happens next isn’t going to be pretty. Chad Gadya

“The cat came, and ate the goat.”

chad gadya cat goat

Does it make sense? No. Chad Gadya.

Los Gatos

Working on a cat to eat the goat. No, cats don’t eat goats, but that’s what it says in the song.

Waves and Locomotion

Most natural movements – runs, walks, gallops – follow wave patterns. But it’s very difficult for me to analyze such movements so I can recreate them in animation.

For this experiment I worked backwards, first creating the simple wave movements (above) and then combining them into a gallop (below).

The legs are swinging back and forth as well as waving.

I struggle to animate even a simple wave; it does not come intuitively to me. I found a way to remember with the letters C-Z-D-S. The curves of those letters resemble the 4 keyframes of a wave loop. If I can remember those 4 keyframes, I can tween from one to another by hand or in this case using Flash’s shape tweening.

One Little Goat

A little work-in-progress from Seder-MasochismSing along to the animated gif!

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – “Ziz” quiltimation in Art Quilts

Approximately 32″ square. Cotton fabric, cotton/bamboo batting, rayon thread. Machine embroidery, quilting, trapplique.

I’m submitting this in Art Quilts because there’s no “animation” category in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. ;-) I’m happy to have it in an online show, because you can easily see it animated:

Ziz quiltimation - animated quiltEach block of the quilt is a frame in the animated cycle above. I created the animation, exported as vector images which Theo Gray stitchcoded in Mathematica. Each block was stitched in 2 parts on our embroidery machine: first the Ziz (gryphon) figure, then the background. I cut out and applied the former to the latter and the machine “trappliqued” it down and did the echo pattern. Finally I zigzag stitched the blocks together, topstitched homemade bias tape over the seams, and bound it.

Stitch me closer tiny dancer

embroidered dancerTheo stitched the yesterday’s dancer outline with the background inverted to make a fill.

Embroidermation du jour: twirling dancer

twirling dancer embroidermation

Today’s embroidermation features a rotoscoped dance outtake performed by Reena Shah about 7 years ago for Sita Sings the Blues. Theo coded the stitches and the animated sin wave loop background. This is designed for larger quilts, but this version is tiny as it was stitched on our embroidery machine.

I sewed the 16 panels together like so:

The cycle is actually 13 frames long – an annoying number for animation. The final 3 frames are repeats so it could be a 4 x 4 square. Finished size is 16″ x 16″.

Ziz Quilt finished

quilted animation, animated quilt

It took me a while, but I finally got around to stitching the Ziz quiltimation into a single wallhanging. To recap, here’s how these frames look in a movie:

Embroidermation: Tree of Life

The source animation (a vector file sequence) was adapted from my short segment for the upcoming feature film “The Prophet.” That will definitely not be rendered in Embroidermation, but the Tree of Life is such a classic, traditional embroidery motif it was just crying out to be used in this test.


In addition to stitchcoding, Theo hooped and ran the machine on all 96 frames, and then he made them into a flipbook.

Theo hand-stitching 96 embroidered frames into a flipbook

Because he’s crazy, that’s why. He even crafted a copper rig to cut out the frames precisely, and register them for photography (he photographed them too).

embroidermation cutting device

R-G-B, C-M-Y, H-O-R-S-E

CMY on K. See previous two posts on TSP animation for context: 1, 2.

CMY on white.

RGB on K.

RGB on white.

A herd of CMY TSP horses.