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Singing ‘n’ Signing

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Nell Minow: Film Reviewer, “CEO Killer”

So there I was reading an old New Yorker, and came across this article about a lawyer who exposes overpaid corporate CEOs. The name and the picture looked familiar. Could it be the same Nell Minow who interviewed me about Sita Sings the Blues? Why yes, it is! Turns out the “Movie Mom” is kicking ass and taking names in CEO land.

“I believe that what we’ve seen recently is a corporate takeover of the capitalist system, to the benefit of certain actors in that system and to the detriment of everybody else.” —Nell Minow, aka “the Movie Mom”

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Sita at AFI Fest! Grauman’s Chinese Theater Nov. 3rd


Sita Sings the Blues is an official selection at LA’s American Film Institute festival! She’ll be screening in 35mm on a gigantic screen in the 1,100-seat Grauman’s Chinese Theater:

10:00am on Tuesday, Nov. 3
Grauman’s Chinese Theatre
(big house on Hollywood Blvd., not Mann’s Chinese Six on 3rd floor H&H complex)
6925 Hollywood Blvd., LA, CA 90028

Parking at Hollywood & Highland complex
Enter on Highland at East side or Orange at West side

Thanks, AFI!

Quote of the Day

“The Internet means there’s no one to kill your dream. You can just do it. You don’t have to persuade anyone or get credentialed or even think about what others think of your idea.”

Pamela Jones

The Battle of Lanka in 02:30

Thanks, Cousin Phil!

Coming Soon to a Bicycle Wheel Near You!


Thanks to her open license, Sita is gracing Star Simpson’s amazing bike wheel LED display:

“…one of the things I’ve been doing is trying to find good Creative Commons-licensed/free use images for MonkeyLectric’s POV bike wheel demos, so that we can make and publish videos showing what our bike wheel display can do, without fear of litigation, and it’s been a bit tough to find good images that work really well on our wheel. UNTIL! I learned of the animated movie Sita Sings the Blues…”

Yes, she will be animated. Free Culture: on the cutting edge of awesome.


UPDATE June 15, 2009: These are now available at the Sita Sings the Blues Merchandise Empire!

My first ever cloisonne pins! Just out of the box from China! If I had a better camera and lights I’d have better pix, but even these reveal some of the wondrous-ness of these metal-and-resin mass-produced wonders!



Coming soon to the Sita Sings the Blues Merchandise Empire.


sita_ad_120×90fla.jpg  sita_ad_234×60.jpg  sita_ad_125×125_fire.jpg  sita_ad_120×60.jpg  sita_ad_468×60.jpg

THE STORE IS LIVE AND OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Finally you can buy DVDs and T-Shirts. Hooray!

Re: Shirt Designs: We are taking pre-orders until Wednesday June 10, after which shirts go immediately into production. Shirts ordered before June 10 will ship June 17. To make sure the design you want comes into existence, please order it NOW.




P.S. Feel free to copy any of these standard-sized web ads here.

sita_ad_160×600.jpg  sita_ad_120×240.jpg  sita_ad_125×125fla.jpg

The King and I and Fagottron

The King and I has some great musical numbers, but overall it’s a pretty dang offensive and stupid movie. Luckily, it’s given a new life by Fagottron:

Fagottron is the same remix artist who gave us the stunning “Alice”:

Ravana enjoys some Free Culture

A giant sculpture of Ravana from Sita Sings the Blues showed up at “World Laughter Day” in Hyderabad. Photo by Krishnendu Halder. Thanks to Lev for the tip!

Update: Jym found this story about the Ravana “Recession Monster.”