Where is Everyone?

Where is Everyone?

It’s getting pretty lonely at the Paley Center for Media. In spite of Links for Lunch and Eats for Endorsement, my Summer has been full of long stretches – days at a time – where I don’t see a single human I know. Sure, I can walk out my front door and be assaulted with crowds of tourists, but these are not my people. I know because of how slowly they waddle down the sidewalk, among other reasons. Even the comments here on my blog have dropped off. Is everyone vacationing in their Summer estates in the Hamptons or something? Is it my breath? Where is everyone?


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

14 thoughts on “Where is Everyone?”

  1. Hey, just got back from my road trip! Some of us don’t have Crackberries(tm).

    The cat entry was far too cute.

    The Hamptons? Surely you jest.

  2. Nota bene: Your clock is off by 3 hours. You must be on PST. (Pacific or Paley Standard Time?)

  3. I wouldn’t take it personally if I were you.

    Drop-off in comments could be some kinda crazy ‘chaos theory/complexity’ thing. Some ‘strange attractor’ probably flipped over the threshold ‘tipping point’ style. It will probably flip back at some unpredictable yet completely deterministic moment in the future.

    Hey I know, do like me and stick a sitemeter tag on your blog and get addicted to checking out who drops by to visit.

  4. Just been busy. Mostly dealing with humidity and heat here in North Alabama.

    Looking forward to the final release of Sita Sings the Blues so I can buy it.

    I loved Fetch! and that Fertco.–I just love your stuff in general.

  5. Sigh. I’m still here in Chicago. Wish I hadn’t had to
    euthanize my black cat, Pinny, but he’d come to the end of
    the line.

    Give Bruno a hug for me. Black cats is the best!

  6. Clearly the art of playing Peek-A-Boo has been lost. 😉

    I still read, but I haven’t commented as much later.

    Mostly of my on-line time seems to be focused on either paying a bit more attention to my own blog and and some discussion boards where I’m a moderator.

    And *taps foot* still waiting for you to you to do some animation showings in the Boston area!

  7. ^^^ that weblink has YOU listed so you are but a click away.

    You have been a topic of conversation since we first encountered your work in Eugene, OR in 1980/81.

    How utterly excited we were when you came live in Austin (our home) and so sad that it didn’t take.

    We lost site of you until appearances in Funny Times which our best friends have as a gift subscription.

    THAT is when I went to look for you online. The rest is anti-history.

    I swear that 2 days ago at breakfast my wife and I talked about those cat photos which gave such myriad views of your abode.

    Here, the rainy summer that wouldn’t turn to summer is done. I spend as much time as I can outside (and away from this inhibited mode of conversation), but the dark overtakes us earlier and earlier. I feel deprived of summer, 2007.

    Anytime you need a raise of hands, let us know.

  8. hey, i schlepped all the way to NYC and took you out to dinner! again! and we had a great time! so i’m present and accounted for. (by the way, jen camper just emailed me saying that she loves your blog.)
    sincerely –
    your fan, roz

  9. Hmmm…With regards to comments I guess it’s a case of out of sight but definitely not out of mind.Hehe..You give your audience too little credit,we have lives too(humdrum,repetitive and morose though they maybe!). As any diaper delinquent will tell you, the easiest way too garner attention is to demand it…but i guess you already know that :).

  10. It’s true, Roz did buy me dinner again, bless her. Then she gave me a bag of Wiley Wallaby’s Australian Style Gourmet Red Liquorice, aka the crack of snack. That stuff is evil. I had to eat the whole bag to make it go away and stop tempting me.

    Thanks again, all. My New York friends are finally returning, soon my real-life social life should be in full swing again. Loneliness banished!

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